Michael Schenker + Uli Jon Roth* ‎– Lovedrive And Tokyo Tapes Reunion

Lost and Found ‎– LAF1875/1876/1877
2 × CDr, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
DVDr, NTSC, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release


HSBC Music Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 22nd June, 2013
CDR1-1 Uli Jon Roth* All Night Long
CDR1-2 Uli Jon Roth* Longing For Fire
CDR1-3 Uli Jon Roth* Crying Days
CDR1-4 Uli Jon Roth* The Sails Of Charon
CDR1-5 Uli Jon Roth* We'll Burn The Sky
CDR1-6 Uli Jon Roth* In Trance
CDR1-7 Uli Jon Roth* Fly To The Rainbow
CDR1-8 Uli Jon Roth* Pictured Life
CDR1-9 Uli Jon Roth* Catch Your Train
CDR1-10 Uli Jon Roth* Dark Lady
CDR2-1 Michael Schenker Lovedrive
CDR2-2 Michael Schenker Another Piece Of Meat
CDR2-3 Michael Schenker Assault Attack
CDR2-4 Michael Schenker Armed And Ready
CDR2-5 Michael Schenker Into The Arena
CDR2-6 Michael Schenker Rock My Nights Away
CDR2-7 Michael Schenker Attack Of The Mad Axeman
CDR2-8 Michael Schenker Horizons
CDR2-9 Michael Schenker Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
CDR2-10 Michael Schenker Coast To Coast
CDR2-11 Michael Schenker Shoot Shoot
CDR2-12 Michael Schenker Only You Can Rock Me
CDR2-13 Michael Schenker Let It Roll
CDR2-14 Michael Schenker Too Hot To Handle
CDR2-15 Michael Schenker Lights Out
Todo Seu TV, Brazil - 18th June, 2013
DVDR-1 Uli Jon Roth* Introduction
DVDR-2 Uli Jon Roth* Holiday
DVDR-3 Uli Jon Roth* Interview
DVDR-4 Uli Jon Roth* In Trance
Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, Mexico - 14th June, 2013
DVDR-5 Uli Jon Roth* We'll Burn The Sky
DVDR-6 Uli Jon Roth* In Trance