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July 3, 2013
referencing Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey & The Soul Generation, 2xLP, CT-102
Two of the greatest reviews ever written on Amazon:

1-Star review by "a customer" published March 13, 2003 under the title "Old, outdated garbage":
"I purchased this CD based on comments in a recent Fortune magazine that the group was very tight and the music was pure funk. I couldn't find a place to listen in advance of purchasing, so bought it blind. I'm reminded again and again that reviewers often have different tastes than mine and here we are again. This compilation is garbage. Sounds like it was done in a garage, with a pick-up band and the group's about as tight as a handfull of marbles in a burlap bag. Don't waste your money."

5-Star review by "Shorty's a pimp 'SugalooBoogaloo'" published on February 24, 2008 under the title "Response to The Most Blatantly Ridiculous Review Ever":
"I have shopped amazon many times. I have listened to alot of music. I have listened to music of all genres for the better part of 30 years. I have never took time out of my life to comment or review an item; ever. Until now. What prompted me to write this has to be the most blatantly ridiculous review in the history of mankind. Ever. Never has a person's opinion such contradicted reality as the person who wrote the 1 star review calling this masterpiece garbage. It's like saying that Hitler was kind and peace loving or that gravity is an illusion or that the moon is made of cheese. Come on. Are you kidding me? What rock did you climb out from under? I guarantee you if you like funk and soul you will love this! And if you like funk and soul then you already know about this band. If you're not sure what funk or soul music is then you would still love this music. If you're not sure what music is or what constitutes good music then you would probably write a review such as the one mentioned above and you most likely live a lonely pathetic life or you are 45 years old and you still live with you parents reading comics and wondering what the words "feel", "love", "happiness", "worth", "beauty", and "life" mean. If you really think this music is garbage then yes you should go ahead and end your life now. It's ok. You were thinking about it anyways. Please it's better for all of us and for your family. You were a mistake. Seriously the only logical explanation for your comment is that you are/were a mediocre at best session musician auditioning in the 70's for Mickey & the Soul Generation and you got rejected. And all these years later you are still bitter. So one day you were fiddling on the web and googled the old band of your dreams and you were taken to this CD on amazon and in your cowardly and callous way you wrote that junk about this record. Shame on you. Repent. I'll forgive you. God will forgive you. And then you could live on in the land of the living, intelligent, soulful, sweet beautiful humanity that this music will convey. What does your soul look like?

Beautiful Music. Unbelievably Ridiculously Insanely Good Sickingly (is that a word?) Shocking Soulful Get Down Get Loose Funky Dance Music Jaw Dropping Obscure Funk Your Life Is Not Complete Until You Listen to This Gem! So Good! Such Great Music!"