Misery (4) ‎– 20 Years Of Misery

Moshpit Tragedy Records ‎– MTR 021
20 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps


1 Bottom Of The Bottle 3:14
2 Born, Fed, Slaughtered 3:50
3 Falling Of Darkness 4:28
4 Blindead 2:57
5 Children Of War 3:48
6 Morbid Reality 2:58
7 Dragged Off To War 3:03
8 Filth Of Mankind 3:02
9 New Clear Age 4:02
10 Bomb Blast 2:51
11 Lifeline 3:28
12 One More Day 4:00
13 Next Time 3:49
14 Almighty Dollar 2:21
15 No Paradise 2:38
16 Bullshit 2:12
17 Remote Controlled 2:38
18 Fuck No / Class Warfare 4:12
19 All Of Us 4:56
20 Nobodies Driving 5:27



Sliding scale download comes with 6 x JPEG images of print-ready artwork with instructions on how to make the sleeve.

This is a collection of Misery recordings from 1987 to present. Cheers to Rayny and MPT for making this available.

Bottom Of The Bottle:
Recorded and mixed by Misery at the House Of Misery 6/02
Released on the Twin Cities Hardcore Comp: No Hold Back... All Attack!!!

Born, Fed, Slaughtered:
The title track from the first 7": Born, Fed...Slaughtered
Self released in '89 with the help of Felix Havoc under the name AYF Records, 600 pressed.
Re-released by Discarded Records / Under Siege Records in the UK as a trade for the release of Doom - Police Bastard 7" in the US.

Falling of Darkness:
The B Side of the first 7": Born, Fed...Slaughtered
Recorded in 1988 at the Underground Studio.

The title track from the 2nd 7": Blindead
Self released on AYF Records with the help of Felix Havoc and Ratboy in '89. 600 pressed.

Children of War:
The title track from the 3rd 7": Children Of War
Released by G.T.G.P. Records (Who soon after became Relapse Records)
Recorded at the Underground Studio.

Bomb Blast:
This track was included on both the LP's with Jon singing on: Production Thru Destruction and Gags singing on: Who's The Fool...

This track was released on the MCR (Japan) Comp: Crust And Anguished Life

One More Day:
This Track is from the full-length split with Extinction Of Mankind: Apocalyptic Crust
Elderberry Records, Crimes Against Humanity Records and Sin Fronteras Records all released this split.

Next Time:
This track is from the 7": Next Time
Released by Profane Existence, Skuld Releases.

Almighty Dollar, No Paradise:
These tracks are from the second full-length: Who's The Fool...

Bullshit, Remote Controlled:
These tracks are from the split with Path Of Destruction. Released by Rodent Popsicle Records. Recorded at the Pagan Opium Den '03.

Fuck No / Class Warfare:
These tracks are from the LP: Who's The Fool...
Recorded at the Pagan Opium Den '94.
Released on Profane Existence and Skuld Releases.

All of Us:
This Track is from the next LP.

Nobodies Driving:
This last track was recorded live in Slovenia where a wise man once said 'MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE!'