Mixmaster Mike* ‎– Neckthrust One

Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixed


A1 Invisibl Skratch Piklz Invisbl Skratch Piklz Vs. Da Klamz Uv Deth 14:23
A2 Big Daddy Kane Big Daddy's Theme 0:23
A3 MC Shan Beat Biter 1:52
A4 Money Mark Ba Da Boom 1:30
A5 Rob Swift Funk Time 1:36
A6 KRS-One De Automatic 1:20
A7 Raekwon Rainy Dayz 0:51
A8 Lord Finesse You Know What I'm About 1:35
A9 Snoop Dogg Pump Pump 3:05
A10 Herb Alpert Treasure Of San Miguel 0:40
A11 Roy Ayers LIfe Is Just A Moment 0:50
A12 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 2:18
A13 KRS-One Step Into A World 2:00
A14 Wade Marcus Spinning Wheel 0:50
A15 Ike White Love And Affection 0:40
A16 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 3:35
A17 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 2:14
A18 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 7:27
B1 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 2:00
B2 T La Rock Bass Machine 0:40
B3 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 0:40
B4 Rhyme & Reason Bring It Back 2:25
B5 The Meters Cissy Strut 0:45
B6 Ultramagnetic MC's Watch Your Back 3:38
B7 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 1:20
B8 Rhyme & Reason Wild Hot 3:00
B9 De La Soul Talkin' Bout Hey Love 1:10
B10 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 2:19
B11 Showbiz & A.G. Ain't No Fun 2:20
B12 Mobb Deep G.O.D. Part III 1:42
B13 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 2:08
B14 Sadat X Wild Cowboys 1:37
B15 James Brown Make It Funky 0:41
B16 Donald Byrd Places And Spaces 0:50
B17 Peabird Medicine Tools 0:46
B18 Billy Cobham Stratus 1:07
B19 True Ohio Playas A Day In My Life 1:03
B20 RZA Tragedy 1:58
B21 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 1:52
B22 Mixmaster Mike* Untitled 3:00
B23 Gang Starr Doe In Advance 2:15
B24 De La Soul I Can't Call It 1:59
B25 Al Kooper Flute Thing 1:26
B26 No Artist Untitled 0:32
B27 Showbiz & A.G. Fat Pockets 1:32
B28 Wilson Pickett Engine Number 9 0:38
B29 Boogie Down Productions Super-Hoe 1:48



Unidentifried Funk Octopus. Serial Wax Killer. Embarking on a new mission.