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1992 - Go [Single]
1-1 Go (Original Mix)
1-2 Go (Rainforest Mix)
1-3 Go (Delirium Mix)
1992 - Moby
1-4 Drop A Beat
1-5 Everything
1-6 Yeah
1-7 Electricity
1-8 Next Is The E
1-9 Mercy
1-10 Go
1-11 Help Me To Believe
1-12 Have You Seen My Baby
1-13 Ah Ah
1-14 Slight Return
1-15 Stream
1993 - Ambient
1-16 My Beautiful Blue Sky
1-17 Heaven
1-18 Tongues
1-19 J Breas
1-20 Myopia
1-21 House Of Blue Leaves
1-22 Bad Days
1-23 Piano & String
1-24 Sound
1-25 Dog
1-26 80
1-27 Lean On Me
1993 - Early Underground
1-28 Besame
1-29 Rock The House
1-30 Move The Colors
1-31 UHF 3
1-32 Party Time
1-33 Protect Write
1-34 Go (Original)
1-35 Permanent Green
1-36 Voodoo Child
1-37 Drug Fits The Face
1-38 Time Signature
1-39 Peace Head
1-40 Barracuda
1-41 Mobility
1-42 M-Four
1994 - Move [Single]
1-43 Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)
1-44 All That I Need Is To Be Loved (MV)
1-45 Unloved Symphony
1-46 The Rain Falls And The Sky Shudders
1995 - Bring Back My Happiness [Single]
1-47 Bring Back My Happiness (Extended Mix)
1-48 In My Life
1-49 Bring Back My Happiness (Para Los Discos Mix)
1-50 Bring Back My Happiness (Underground Mix)
1-51 Bring Back My Happiness (Josh Wink Mix)
1-52 Into The Blue (Jr. Vasquez Mix)
1995 - Everything Is Wrong
1-53 Hymn
1-54 Feeling So Real
1-55 All That I Need Is To Be Loved
1-56 Let's Go Free
1-57 Everytime You Touch Me
1-58 Bring Back My Happiness
1-59 What Love
1-60 First Cool Hive
1-61 Into The Blue
1-62 Anthem
1-63 Everything Is Wrong
1-64 God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
1-65 When It's Cold I'd Like To Die
1996 - Animal Rights
1-66 Dead Sun
1-67 Someone To Love
1-68 Heavy Flow
1-69 You
1-70 Now I Let It Go
1-71 Come On Baby
1-72 Soft
1-73 Anima
1-74 Say It's All Mine
1-75 That's When I Reach For My Revolver
1-76 Alone
1-77 Face It
1-78 Old
1-79 Living
1-80 Love Song For My Mom
1-81 A Season In Hell
1996 - Come On Baby [Single]
1-82 Come On Baby
1-83 Come On Baby (Crystal Method Mix)
1-84 Whip It (Death Metal Version)
1-85 Come On Baby (Eskimos & Egypt 12'' Mix)
1-86 All That I Need Is To Be Loved (Live At The Splash Club)
1-87 Hymn (Live At The Splash Club)
1-88 Come On Baby (Eskimos & Egypt 7'' Mix)
1996 - Little Idiot
1-89 Degenerate
1-90 Dead City
1-91 Walnut
1-92 Old
1-93 A Season In Hell
1-94 Love Song For My Mom
1-95 The Blue Terror Of Lawns
1-96 Dead Sun
1-97 Reject
1997 - I Like To Score
1-98 Novio
1-99 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)
1-100 Go
1-101 Ah Ah
1-102 I Like To Score
1-103 Oil 1
1-104 New Dawn Fades
1-105 God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters (Heat Mix)
1-106 First Cool Hive
1-107 Nash
1-108 Love Theme
1-109 Grace
1997 - James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Reversion) [Single]
2-1 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)
2-2 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) (Grooverider's Jeep Remix)
2-3 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) (Da Bomb Remix)
2-4 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) (CJ Bolland Remix)
2-5 James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) (Dub Pistols Remix)
1998 - Honey [Single]
2-6 Honey (Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Remix)
2-7 Honey (Westbam & Hardy Hard Mix)
2-8 Honey (Rollo & Sister Bliss Blunt Edit)
1999 - Bodyrock [Single]
2-9 Bodyrock (Rae & Christian Remix)
2-10 Bodyrock (B & H's Bodyrob Mix)
2-11 Bodyrock (Dani König Remix)
1999 - Play
2-12 Honey
2-13 Find My Baby
2-14 Porcelain
2-15 Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
2-16 South Side
2-17 Rushing
2-18 Bodyrock
2-19 Natural Blues
2-20 Machete
2-21 7
2-22 Run On
2-23 Down Slow
2-24 If Things Were Perfect
2-25 Everloving
2-26 Inside
2-27 Guitar Flute & String
2-28 The Sky Is Broken
2-29 My Weakness
1999 - Run On [Single]
2-30 Run On
2-31 Run On (Plastic Angel New Mix)
2000 - Natural Blues [Single]
2-32 Natural Blues (Single Version)
2-33 Sick In The System
2-34 Natural Blues (Perfecto Remix)
2-35 Natural Blues (Mike D Edit)
2-36 Natural Blues (Peace Division Edit)
2000 - Play B-Side
2-37 Flower
2-38 Sunday
2-39 Memory Gospel
2-40 Whispering Wind
2-41 Summer
2-42 Spirit
2-43 Flying Foxes
2-44 Sunspot
2-45 Flying Over The Dateline
2-46 Running
2-47 The Sun Never Stops Setting
2000 - Porcelain [Single]
2-48 Porcelain (Clubbed To Death Version By Rob Dougan)
2-49 Porcelain (Acoustic Reprise)
2000 - South Side [Single]
2-50 South Side
Featuring – Gwen Stefani
2002 - 18
2-51 We Are All Made Of Stars
2-52 In This World
2-53 In My Heart
2-54 Great Escape
2-55 Signs Of Love
2-56 One Of These Mornings
2-57 Another Woman
2-58 Fireworks
2-59 Extreme Ways
2-60 Jam For The Ladies
2-61 Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
2-62 18
2-63 Sleep Alone
2-64 At Least We Tried
2-65 Harbour
2-66 Look Back In
2-67 The Rafters
2-68 I'm Not Worried At All
2003 - 18 B-Side (+2 Bonus Tracks)
2-69 Landing
2-70 Love Of Strings
2-71 Neaver
2-72 Afterlife
2-73 String Electro
2-74 Downhill
2-75 Soul Of Love
2-76 Bed
2-77 Piano & Strings
2-78 Horse & Carrot
2-79 Life's So Sweet
2-80 ISS
2-81 Stay
2-82 Ain't Never Learned
2-83 Evening Rain
2-84 Gettin Aggressive (Moby & Mystical)
2003 - Live At Glastonbury (29-06)
2-85 18
2-86 Natural Blues
2-87 Go
2-88 Porcelain
2-89 Another Woman
2-90 Find My Baby
2-91 In This World
2-92 We Are All Made Of Stars
2-93 Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
2-94 Jam For The Ladies / I Wanna Be Your Dog [Cover By Dakar & Grinser]
2-95 Bodyrock
2-96 Honey
2-97 Feeling So Real
2-98 Creep [Cover By Radiohead]
2005 - Hotel
2-99 Hotel Intro
2-100 Raining Again
2-101 Beautiful
2-102 Lift Me Up
2-103 Where You End
2-104 Temptation
2-105 Spiders
2-106 Dream About Me
2-107 Very
2-108 I Like It
2-109 Love Should
2-110 Slipping Away
2-111 Forever
2-112 Homeward Angel
2-113 35 Minutes (Hidden Track)
2005 - Make Love Fuck War [Single]
2-114 Make Love Fuck War
Featuring – Public Enemy
2-115 Harbour
Featuring – Sinéad O'Connor
2006 - Hotel Ambient CD2
2-116 Swear
2-117 Snowball
2-118 Blue Paper
2-119 Homeward Angel (Long)
2-120 Chord Sounds
2-121 Not Sensitive
2-122 Lilly
2-123 The Come Down
2-124 Overland
2-125 Live Forever
2-126 Aerial
2-127 Unkonw
2008 - Last Night
2-128 Ooh Yeah
2-129 I Love To Move In Here
2-130 257.Zero
2-131 Everyday It’s 1989
2-132 Live For Tomorrow
2-133 Alice
2-134 Hyenas
2-135 I’m In Love
2-136 Disco Lies
2-137 The Stars
2-138 Degenerates
2-139 Sweet Apocalypse
2-140 Mothers Of The Night
2-141a Last Night
2-141b Lucy Vida


Packaged in a 2xCD Jewel Case.
Booklet is 2 pages only - page 2 contains tracklist of CD1.
Tracklist of CD2 printed on back cover.

The back cover and inside booklet, contains tracklist without durations.

The year inside the CD and the MP3 audios files for the "Move" and "Bring Back My Happiness" single, "Animal Rights" album, "Make Love Fuck War" single and the bonus CD "Hotel Ambient" is incorrect.

The "Move" single release in 1993 and not in 1994.
The "Bring Back My Happiness" single release in 1996 and not in 1995.
The "Animal Rights" album is the US version and not the UK version. Release in 1997 and not in 1996.
The "Make Love Fuck War" single release in 2004 and not in 2005.
The bonus CD "Hotel Ambient" release in 2005 and not in 2006.

Both compilations of b-sides indicated behind the cover is misspelled.

The correct name is the first compilation is "Play: The B-Sides"
The correct name is the second compilation is "18 B-Sides"

Most songs containing different versions or remixes are indicated by brackets "[ ]". This should be parentheses "( )".

CD 1:

The "Bring Back My Happiness" single realized in 1996, is incomplete. The song "alone" is missing.

The "Come On Baby" single realized in 1996, is incomplete and the track order is incorrect. Here is the order of songs Come On Baby (limited edition).

Tracks 1-1 to 1-3, are actually mixed versions of the bonus CD compilation Rare: The Collected B-Sides. No details on the single that was supposed to be represented.

Track 1-34, just named in "Go" original song named is "Go (Original)"
Track 1-42, is named "M Four" without the hyphen "-"
Track 1-43, just named in "Move" original song named is "Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)"
Track 1-44, just named in "All That I Need Is To Be Loved" original song named is "All That I Need Is To Be Loved (MV)"
Track 1-86, just named in "All That I Need Is To Be Loved [Live At Splash Club]" instead of "Live At The Splash Club"
Track 1-99, just named in "James Bond Theme" original song named is "James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)"

CD 2:

The "James Bond Theme" single behind the cover, is misspelled as "James Bond Theme Moby's Re-Reversion"

The songs of the "James Bond Theme" single are not fully known. The original name is "James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)".

The "James Bond Theme" single realized in 1997, is incomplete. The song "James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version) (CJ Bolland - Dubble-Oh Heaven Remix)" is missing.

The "Honey" single realized in 1998, is incomplete and the track order is incorrect. Here is the order of songs Honey (Remixes).

All the singles from the album "Play" except "Honey" and "South Side", are incorrect. No details on the singles that was supposed to be represented.

Track 2-1 misspelled as "James Bond Theme (Moby's Re Reversion)"
Track 2-6 just named in "Honey [Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Mix]" instead of "Aphrodite & Mickey Finn Remix"
Track 2-7 just named in "Honey [Westbam & Hardy Mix]" instead of "Westbam & Hardy Hard Mix"
Track 2-8 just named in "Honey [Rollo & Bliss Edit]" instead of "Rollo & Sister Bliss Blunt Edit"
Track 2-11 is named "Bodyrock [Dani Konig Remix]" without umlaut of the letter "ö"
Track 2-15 is named "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" without question mark at the end "?"
Track 2-31 just named in "Run On [Plastic Angel Mix]" instead of "Plastic Angel New Mix"
Track 2-32, is named "Natural Blues [Single Mix]" also knows as "Single Version" which is the correct name of the singles.
Track 2-36, just named in "Natural Blues [Peace Division Remix]" instead of "Peace Division Edit"

Track 2-40, is named "The Whispering Wind" the version of the compilation Play: The B-Sides, is named without "The" in the beginning.

Track 2-49, is an acoustic version of the song "Porcelain" appeared on the DVD Play: The DVD, and is on the acoustic concert "Live On TV Jools Holland". Song cut 1:56 minutes.

Track 2-54, just named in "The Great Escape" instead of "Great Escape"
Track 2-70, just named in "Love Of String" instead of "Love Of Strings"
Track 2-77, misspelled as "Piano And String"
Track 2-78, misspelled as "Hourse And Carrot"
Track 2-79, just named in "Lifes So Sweet" instead of "Life's So Sweet"

Track 2-82, are nothing to do with the compilation 18: B-Sides.

Tracks 2-83 and 2-84, are songs that have appeared on soundtracks compilation. The first on the soundtrack of the film DareDevil: The Album and the other on Blade II The Soundtrack. These two songs are nothing to do with the compilation 18: B-Sides.

Track 2-88, misspelled as "Porecelain"
Track 2-94, there are two song. "Jam For The Ladies" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Track 2-95, just named in "Body Rock" instead of "Bodyrock"

Track 2-115, is exactly the same song appeared on the album "18" This has absolutely nothing to do with the single Make Love Fuck War.

the "Hotel Ambient CD2", is totally incorrect and poorly recorded. In addition, the song "Unkonw" (track 2-127) is misspelled significance that "Unknown" is actually a cut in the middle version of the song "Chord Sounds" All this is very strange.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4605133 002677