Mongrel (4) / S.O.C.C. ‎– Higher Living / Liar Heaving

Destructive Industries ‎– DI032




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April 17, 2013

A fucking ferocious blast of cut-up chaos, evil blur and brutal noisecore to clean your skull out.
Mongrel's side is packed with twenty-nine miniscule micro-bursts of extremely murky and low-fi noisecore abuse with a dingy, industrial vibe - as soon as the washed-out, muffled grindblast of "Fashionista" began drilling through my inner ear, I was reminded of the electro-shock grind-blips of Teutonic noisecore legends Seven Minutes Of Nausea, who pretty much invented this sort of ultra murky blurr-violence. As each new "song" rushes by (with song titles both weird and evocative, such as "The Underbelly of Sodom", "Flesh Engine", and "Ed Lewandowski Vs. Patrick Swayze"), Mongrel detonates another pile of collapsing drum kits and mongoloid punk stomp, whirling amp-howl and inchoate guitar noise, frantic screams and buzzing low-end feedback, mashed together into a terminally unintelligible mess of pneumatic hyperspeed noisepunk equal parts 7MON and Sump and Xyanose.
S.O.C.C. counter with an equally vomitous mass of psychedelic skullfuck on their side, the duo of Thomas Mortigan (RU-486/Black Leather Jesus/Octagon) and harsh noisemaker Churner producing a blast of bestial noise that combines a continuous avalanche of scrap metal and organic garbage with mangled screams and monstrous death metal-style vocalizations, sudden adjuncts of abstract amp noise and minimal feedback manipulation. Titled "Liar Heaving", this fuckin' monstrosity sounds like a drug-addled collab between the harshest of Japanese noise technicians (Incapacitants, K2, et al.) and some starving, tortured death metal vocalist who's been chained to a trash compactor for the last eight years. If this is "noisecore", it's some of the most fucked-up and violent noisecore I've ever heard. A total blast.
The tape comes in a zip-loc plastic bag with xeroxed inserts, limited to fifty copies.