Monokrom ‎– Monokrom

Ant-Zen ‎– act 102
CD, Album


1 BGF 6:06
2 SRC 9:53
3 EBG 7:37
4 WRS 5:27
5 TQA 7:31
6 UXB 5:46
7 CAA 6:40
8 JLF 7:27
9 BQF 6:25
10 PNW 1:37
11 EOX 8:42


The release comes in a jewelcase with a debossed Monokrom lettering on booklet and backlay.
The 4-paged booklet and the backlay (without any information) come on a special cardboard.

The CD comes with a code on the disk face to get the tracklist and a free mp3 track (via



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May 13, 2012
In a deep and dark region of the Innerworld lies the realm of MONOKROM. Be they inciting a riot of the senses with arcane machinery at the brink of war, or sounding the alarm as intruders from our dimension enter theirs, their sound follows an Industrial tradition - using complex, fused masses of metal and distortion noise to create dance rhythms for the wannabee deaf. There's something of the SPKs to the sound - a hybrid of earlier, cacophonous, and the later, structured periods. You could imagine this to be the combination of chugging generators and thrashing chains, working together as malign malengines. Again we are journeying through the truly Industrial - where the whine and moan of machines combine with the mechanical heartbeat of some deeper, more sinister structure. Close your eyes and see dark tunnels and twisted, almost biological pipework winding past, slowly dripping slime, or perhaps mucous. Human voices are heard in broken fragments, as if listened to on a recording, a thousand years after the last man has died, and the earth has been left to insects and IE machines to fight for sovereignty.
According to this, the age of man has come and gone, and all that's left behind are ghosts. With only machines to run the world, we are no longer even memories. Welcome to Dystopia.

Originally reviewed for Metamorphic Journeyman.