Monrad* / Helms* ‎– Advanced Avantgarde

Vinyl, LP


A1 Monrad* Les rayons du soleil à la lumière spectrale 02:30:00
A2 Monrad* (this is not) The Null reference 01:12:00
A3 Monrad* Structures in the 4th dimension 01:33:00
A4 Monrad* Klavierstück I - Adorno auf Safari 01:21:00
A5 Monrad* Klavierstück II - Adorno ist verliebt 00:40:00
A6 Monrad* Klavierstück III - Adorno in der Disco 01:24:00
A7 Monrad* Mode de bêtises et de clichés (hommage a Messiaen) 03:32:00
A8 Monrad* Valid dichotomies of the negative approach 03:35:00
A9 Monrad* Funk quartett, op. 51 (Schönberg gewidmet) 02:12:00
A10 Monrad* Testosterone Rag 03:08:00
B1 Helms* Interférence lune accentué cristallisé en fractales de jazz (trio électronique) 01:55:00
B2 Helms* / No Name / (transcendental rikochette of exoplanetary collisions depicted) 01:46:00
B3 Helms* Cylindrical Perpendicutions of heavenly bodies retrograded in ecstasy 03:31:00
B4 Helms* Klavierstück I - Motorised structures 02:12:00
B5 Helms* Klavierstück II - Expanded reductions 02:39:00
B6 Helms* Klavierstück III - Crtical Frontiers 03:41:00
B7 Helms* Metamorphosis and Maelstrom Rearranged in 3 Stages of Retrospect (Manifesto) 01:17:00
B8 Helms* Fugal Discourse of the least significant bit truncated 01:13:00
B9 Helms* Trapezoid Epilepsie für flygl & schlagwrk (Bearbeitung elektronische Reminiszenze) 01:27:00
B10 Helms* Disfigured crystal pearl rotated_variation on defragmentation 2 02:04:00


LP, side 1 Monrad´s, side 2 Helms's