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A1 Moon Ra

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May 27, 2016
We channel the Law of One through the medium of Creative Enlightenment
of the vibratory sound complexes of mind/body/spirit. Our sessions
towards Ascension have the function of uniting the involved members or
polarities, insiders and outsiders, positive and negative, with the
purpose of heightening the vibratory rates of the mind/body/spirit
complexes in order to transcend between planes of existence.

Thus we multiply possibilities and potential beyond the mind
distortions of time, place and name, playing for continuous periods
with visuals as catalyst. We harness strategic astrological/nominal
alignments as well as environments that facilitate the vibratory flows
of energy and sound such as temples, sites, granite structures,
buildings with vaulted or arched ceilings & pyramid or dome
structures. We favor on the ground, central, circular layout varying
in accordance to context with three video screens in the place of tips
of the Triangle. We utilize Sonics and Rhythm, embracing symbolism
through visuals and costume, smoke and mirror, surpassing tricks of
mind and identity in an effort to transcend the limitations of self,
creating instead for the Infinite Creator. Thus we are a vibratory
sound complex of varying numbers, degrees and members channelling the
Law of One.

We are RA.


June 27, 2014
I changed it because I wasn't happy with it. I own the label. I think it's my right to have it represented as I wish?