The Morphogenetic ‎– Reports From The Morphogenetic Research Lab

Ibizarre Records ‎– IBZ 002
CD, Album, Test Pressing


1 Intro 5:13
2 Hollow Wind 3:39
3 Prayer For Gaia 4:52
4 Opus CM-XX-V 5:43
5 Spiral 6:15
6 Neural Implant 7:32
7 Sputnik 9:09
8 Impulse 9:49
9 Ex Maquina Inspiritu 17:31



Last track ends at 7:47 but there's a hidden bonus track at 11:51

As confirmed by Lenny Ibizarre this cover was just used for a test run, the official release has the other cover.


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March 19, 2014

From the booklet -

For years scientists have spoken of consciousness, yet it is also years that scientist have not been able to establish any physical evidence of it's existence. It is now more than a generation that people generally believe that their consciousness, along with intelligence, memory and everything else we know, resides in the brain. Strangely enough, the brain is still a great mystery to science and actually the part of the body we know the least about. A new breed of scientists are presently working on alternative theories of the mind and it's functions. The Morphogenetic Field approach by Rupert Sheldrake is stating that all intelligence surrounds us in so-called morphogenetic fields. Our brain is acting as an antenna that tunes into this field and taps into this knowledge. The main difference to the traditional view of science is that knowledge exists outside our heads rather than just in the brain and, furthermore, this knowledge is accessible to everyone.
Hence, when members or a morphogenetic field learn and develop more knowledge, the other members automatically receive the same information with time. When all members have aquired the information, the knowledge creates a morphogenetic resonance which projects itself into the future generation of the species. This morphogenetic resonance is ultimately the very evolution of not only the human race, but of the entire universe. Everything in the universe is evolving in concordance with their morphogenetic field. Atoms, molecules, cells, animals, humans, ecosystems, planets, stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies all have a place in the hierarchy of fields. In the past our ancestors sensed this natural evolution of morphogenetic fields and personalised it by naming it God. Today, everyday people have been robbed of this connection with the universe. A cultural inheritage is missing and science can not provide all the answers. But let opet the ears and your mind, close your eyes and inhale the music, and you may find that the infinite universe unfolds itself within you...

Lennart Krarup


January 28, 2014

Actually, art on this "test" version is much better, so thanks for that.