Mouth & MacNeal ‎– Greatest Hits

BR Music ‎– BD 3009-9
DVD, DVD-Video, Compilation, PAL


1 Mouth & MacNeal Hey You Love 3:39
2 Mouth & MacNeal How Do You Do 4:04
3 Mouth & MacNeal Hello-A 4:00
4 Mouth & MacNeal You-Kou-La-Le-Loupi 3:40
5 Mouth & MacNeal Bat-Te-Ring Ram 3:17
6 Mouth & MacNeal Minnie Minnie 3:44
7 Mouth & MacNeal I Star A Star 2:55
8 Mouth & MacNeal Ah L'Amore 3:18
9 Big Mouth & Little Eve Uncle 3:45
10 Big Mouth & Little Eve Yo-De-Lay-Dee 2:26
11 Maggie MacNeal When You're Gone 4:36
12 Maggie MacNeal Terug Naar De Kust 4:35
13 Maggie MacNeal Love Was In Your Eyes 3:57
14 Maggie MacNeal Fools Together 3:00
15 Maggie MacNeal You And I 2:51
16 Maggie MacNeal Ooh! 3:16
17 Maggie MacNeal (I Want The) Night Time 3:11
18 Maggie MacNeal Amsterdam 2:20
19 Maggie MacNeal Together 3:30
Mouth And MacNeal In Spain
20.A Mouth & MacNeal How Do You Do
20.B Mouth & MacNeal Sing Along
20.C Mouth & MacNeal For The Love Of
20.D Mouth & MacNeal It's Great Fun
20.E Mouth & MacNeal Hello-A
Special Maggie MacNeal
21.A Maggie MacNeal Blackbird
21.B Maggie MacNeal Make The Man Love Me
Special Maggie MacNeal In Brazilië
22.A Maggie MacNeal Wait
22.B Maggie MacNeal Love's Gonna Change It
22.C Maggie MacNeal My Lovely Friend


Format 4:3. In colo(u)r and black and white. Works in all regions.

Subtitled "Clips And TV-Specials" on front cover and front of booklet.

All tracks labelled as Mounth & MacNeal on the back sleeve (although as Mouth & McNeal on the booklet's front page) but are actually performed by different permutations of the group, including Macneal solo and a new duet parter for Mouth called Little Eve. See below for details.

Details of the performances (show and date, presumably date of broadcast):
1. Mouth And MacNeal in Spain 23-12-1972
2. Hits A Go Go 08-04-1972
3. Disco 19-08-1972
4. Hits A Go Go 07-12-1972
5. Hits A Go Go 29-03-1973
6. Hits A Go Go 03-11-1973
7. NOS Apr. 1974 (actually the promotional "preview" video for Eurovision 1974, where this song reached 3rd place).
8. Hits A Go Go 04-12-1974
9. Alle 13 Goed May 1975
10. Hits A Go Go 29-10-1975
11. Special 11-10-1976
12. Zing Je Moerstaal 30-03-1976
13. Special 11-10-1976
14. In Brazilië (Brazil) 24-10-1977
15. In Brazilië (Brazil) 24-10-1977
16. Alstublieft Majesteit 30-04-1979
17. Dubbelspiel 22-11-1979
18. Showbizzquiz [sic] 12-04-1980 (this song was the Dutch Eurovision entry in 1980, where it reached 5th place).
19. Zomerhits 13-08-1981

Tracks 20, 21 and 22 are listed on back and in booklet as extra tracks. They do not play as part of the main program, but are accesible from an Extras menu. No track times are given for these tracks, and the track names are preceded by alphabetical letters on the back and booklet, although they are full songs.

20.D was originally recorded by Hearts Of Soul and was a hit for them in the Netherlands and Germany.
21.A and 22.A were originally recorded by The Beatles.
21.B was originally recorded by Cher.