Muca Copatarica / Šotanjy I Dzizillon / Dog Eat Hot Dog / Incubator Of Death ‎– Brežice Shit Noise Vol. 3 - 4 Way Split Tape

Debila Records ‎– 033
Cassette, C16


A1 Muca Copatarica Kaj Se Dogaja S Spermijskimi Mithohondridi Po Vstopu V Jajčno Celico
A2 Muca Copatarica Regulacija Sinteze Ribosomov
A3 Muca Copatarica Priprava Mehkih Tkiv Za Opazovanje Z Vrstičnim Elektronskim Mikroskopom
A4 Muca Copatarica Potovanje Beljakovin V Evkariontski Celici
A5 Muca Copatarica Miltohondrijska DNK - Pobudnica Evolucije???
A6 Muca Copatarica Fosforgliceraldehid
A7 Muca Copatarica Fotoelektronska Transportna Veriga
A8 Šotanjy I Dzizillon Meat Song (Featuring Retarded Redneck Song ''Steaks Forever'' From Val 202 Radio Station
A9 Šotanjy I Dzizillon There's No Real Edith Piaf And There's Also No Teta Justi, But There Was That Arkan Guy And He's Dead Now, He He!
A10 Šotanjy I Dzizillon Sounds About Corruption, Sunshine, Plastic Bags, Disembowelment And Ice Cream Shops In Brežice
A11 Šotanjy I Dzizillon Some More Various Songs About Pissing In Sink Inspired By Damjana In Hot Hot Hot And Their 'Pokloni Mi Srečo' Album Featuring Some Slovenian And Foreign Pop/Techo Artists Selected Strictly From Our Kitchen Radio
B1 Dog Eat Hot Dog Ceremony Of The Fallen (Intro)
B2 Dog Eat Hot Dog Buried Alive In The Casket Full Of Maggots
B3 Dog Eat Hot Dog Uber Mensch (Nietzsche Is Gore)
B4 Dog Eat Hot Dog Esmeralda Dismembered Her Crust Band
B5 Dog Eat Hot Dog Beherit Perkele Finland
B6 Dog Eat Hot Dog Unstoppable Force (Agent Steel Cover)+
B7 Incubator Of Death Book Of The Dead (Evil Dead Theme)
B8 Incubator Of Death Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Muca Copatarica - Demo 3
Photo taken from MUCA COPATARICA family photo album!!

Šotanjy I Dzizillon = Dr. Anal Ninja
Recorded: february 2000

Dog Eat Hot Dog - 26. 4. 2000
+ With guest star Teghlor
All vocals, vacuum cleaner, mayhem, keyboards simphonies and drum machine programed by Tracy. Total vomiting time: 4:58

Incubator Of Death
Two tracks taken from 'Horror Movies Demo 1'
Incubator Of Death Crew:
Phedophil Collins (drums, bass)
Menstrual Blood (drums, vox, bass)
Vaginal Leprosy (vox)
Anal Action (bass)
Phedophil's Victim (guitar)

Thanx goes to Nejc, Cepo, Gooyda and the rest of the I.O.D. crew! Fuck off to all those idiots who keeps asking me whats the sense of makin shitnoize, releasing retarded zine and giving away tapes for free. Fuck you, I don't need your inteligence!