Municipal Waste ‎– Waste 'Em All LP / Tango & Thrash EP

Insane Society Records ‎– Insane Society 057, Phobia Records ‎– 014
Cassette, Compilation, Reissue


A1 The Executioner
A2 Sweet Attack
A3 Mutants Of War
A4 Knife Fight
A5 Drunk As Shit
A6 Death Prank
A7 Substitute Creature
A8 Waste Em All
A9 Toxic Revolution
A10 I Want To Kill The President
A11 Thrash...Don't Mind If I Do
A12 Dropped Out
A13 Blood Hunger
A14 Jock Pit
A15 The Mountain Wizard
A16 Escape From New York [Intro]
A17 Big Trouble In Little China
A18 Captain Ron/Overboard
A19 Backdraft
A20 Tango & Thrash
A21 [Hidden Track]
B1 The Executioner
B2 Sweet Attack
B3 Mutants Of War
B4 Knife Fight
B5 Drunk As Shit
B6 Death Prank
B7 Substitute Creature
B8 Waste Em All
B9 Toxic Revolution
B10 I Want To Kill The President
B11 Thrash...Don't Mind If I Do
B12 Dropped Out
B13 Blood Hunger
B14 Jock Pit
B15 The Mountain Wizard
B16 Escape From New York [Intro]
B17 Big Trouble In Little China
B18 Captain Ron/Overboard
B19 Backdraft
B20 Tango & Thrash
B21 [Hidden Track]


EP & LP reissued by two Czech labels in co-operation. Tape plays same both sides.