Munruthel ‎– Ориянские Сказанья

Eastside ‎– ESCD 014
CD, Album, Reissue


Сторона Ночи 31:38
1-a Мать-Луна (Восход)
1-b Властелин Болотных Тоией
1-c Навье Шествие
1-d Запредельные Чертоги Кромешников
1-e Чернее Черного
1-f Предрассветный Танец Денницы
Сторона Дня 35:05
2-a Блеск Грозовых Мечей
2-b Предание Святослава
2-c Мистерии Руслий И Полыни
2-d Зов Берегинь
2-e Сумерки Жидохриста
2-f Отец-Солнце (Закат)
Bonus Track
3 Блеск Грозовых Мечей 8:15



CD version of the <a href="">Ориянские Сказанья</a> tape by <a href="">Oriana Productions</a>.

Recorded at the home studio in June, July and August 7507, when the great feasts Rusaliyas, Kupala, Days of Triglav and Perun came to the ancient Sacred-Oriana.
Mixed August, 29, 7507 at the "BEAT" studio.
Orchestral samples taken from the work of I.Strawinski "Spring The Sacred". Fragments from the films "The Legend about Princess Olga", "May Night or The Drowned Woman" and "Wood Song. Mavka" were used.

Track 3: live bonus track.

English translation, title: <i>Oriana's Tales</i>
English translation, tracklist:
<i><b>The Night Side</b>
1-a - Mother-Moon (Sunrise)
1-b - The Lord Of The Bog Swamps
1-c - The Procession Of Nav'
1-d - Overlimiting Chambers Of Kromeshniks
1-e - Darker Than Black
1-f - The Preceding Dawn Dance Of Dennitsa
<b>The Day Side</b>
2-a - The Brilliance Of The Thundering Swords
2-b - The Legend Of Sviatoslav
2-c - The Mysteries Of Rusaliyas And Wormwood
2-d - The Call Of Bereginias
2-e - Twilight Of judeochrist
2-f - Father-Sun (Sunset)
<b>Bonus Track</b>
3 - The Brilliance Of The Thundering Swords</i>

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