Murderous Vision ‎– The Sun That Never Sets - A Collection Of Live Recordings

L. White Records ‎– LW-066
CDr, Album, Limited Edition


1 A Time To Die 6:03
2 The Sun That Never Sets 3:52
3 Foundation Collapse 7:08
4 Salvation On Sand Mountain 13:37
5 The Pomes Of Urine 6:34
6 Forced Will 7:58
7 Response 6:18
8 Through The Motes Of Dust 6:30
9 A Choice 4:25
10 Upon Both Flesh And Soil 4:27


CDR comes in A5 sized case and is limited to 200 copies.


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September 6, 2011

There is one special label that proudly raises the flag of power electronics during the age, when the music preparation is only a matter of “cut ’n’ paste”. Berlin based L.White records divides pearls from scum, and releases the set of live tracks from Stephen Petrus, aka Murderous Vision.

Formed somewhere around 1994, the band had many years of music experiments, and this CD is the concentrate of ten live tracks that were recorded during last five years. Cleveland based resident brings us the pack of truly industrial music. The sound is dirty through all the tracks, filled with a lot of static disturbances and overloaded instruments. Brutalism without any sign of rhythm or whatever, and it is definitely fits into the atmosphere, created by Stephen.

Few tracks, like "Forced Will" and "Upon Both Flesh and Soil" are more of dark ambient nature, still the influence of power electronics presents with more scratchy and distorted structures. The layer of screamy vocals is also added here and there to the harsh noise passages. Sometimes, there are some long metal shrieks that totally blast my ear membranes, but they last not for too long, and stay to be more from special effects side.

What differs this live CD from others, that I heard recently, is that there are no effects of live show at all, no audience yelling or something. And this fact turns the album to sound like a set of best tracks, which was compiled in order to show the demons unleashed by comrade Stephen to hit and rape our brain with the energy of hate and despair.

So, expose yourself to the sun that never sets, eat the pomes of urine and hope for salvation on sand mountain, because this CD is totally worth to be checked by all the fans of power electronics. Packaged in a DVD slim case. Available through L.White Records official web site.