Murut - Ivan Polunin ‎– Murut Music Of North Borneo

Folkways Records ‎– FE 4459, Ethnic Folkways Library ‎– FE 4459
Vinyl, LP

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A1 Kulintangan
Gong [Kalinatangan] – Nabai
A2 Kulintangan
Gong, Gong [Kalinatangan] – Nabai
A3 Kulintangan
Gong, Gong [Kalinatangan] – Nabai
A4 Dangulad Nakalaid Kadilo
Vocals – Nabai
A5 Minum Ramai-Ramai
Vocals – Nabai
A6 Ambubus Perawan
Performer [Sumpotan] – Peluan
A7 Aleeyui
Performer [Lansaran] – TagalVocals [Female] – YansilaVocals [Male] – Limpaiung
A8 Kalignatu
Vocals – Tagal
B1 Mantisan
Performer [Lansaran], Vocals – Tagal
B2 Singkokotan
Performer [Lansaran] – Pensiangan
B3 Kanadai
Vocals – Baokan
B4 Bye-A-Bye
Vocals – Peluan
B5 Timpun
Performer [Lansaran] – Semambu
B6 Gongs
Gong – Timogun



Track A1 to A3 performed by members of the Nabai Murut tribe, Kampong Dangulad, near Keningau, North Borneo.
Track A4 & A5 sung by Nabai Muruts, Kampong Dangulad.
Track A6 performed by a Peluan (Dalit) girl.
Track A7 sung by Muruts of the Tagal (Semambu) tribe from Pensiangan, recorded at Sapong Rubber estate, Tenom.
Track A8 & B1 are pantuns sung by Tagal Muruts of Pensiangan district.
Track B2 performed by Pensiangan Muruts.
Track B3 sung by Muruts of the Baokan tribe from Tulid.
Track B4 is a pantun sung by Muruts of the Peluan (Dalit) tribe from the region of Malaing.
Track B5 sung by Muruts of the Semambu tribe.
Track B6 performed by Muruts of the Timogun tribe.

Includes 4-page insert