Musica Ad Rhenum, Jed Wentz ‎– Baroque Concerti From The Netherlands

NM Classics ‎– 92037
CD, Album


Concerto In G Minor For Flute, Two Oboes, Strings And Basso Continuo
1 Johann Christian Schickhardt Allegro
2 Johann Christian Schickhardt Adagio
3 Johann Christian Schickhardt Un Poco Allegro
4 Johann Christian Schickhardt Vivace
5 Johann Christian Schickhardt Allegro
6 Johann Christian Schickhardt Finale Allegro
Sinfonia Opus 3 No. 4 In A Major For Strings And Basso Continuo
7 Anton Wilhelm Solnitz Allegro Spirituoso
8 Anton Wilhelm Solnitz Adagio
9 Anton Wilhelm Solnitz Presto
Concerto In G Major For Solo Flute, Two Flutes, Viola And Basso Continuo
10 Albertus Groneman Allegro
11 Albertus Groneman Andante
12 Albertus Groneman Allegro
Concerto Opus 10 No. 2 In B Flat Major For Two Violins, Strings And Basso Continuo
13 Willem de Fesch Allegro
14 Willem de Fesch Largo
15 Willem de Fesch Presto
Concerto In G Major For Flute, Two Violins And Basso Continuo
16 Albertus Groneman Andante
17 Albertus Groneman Adagio
18 Albertus Groneman Allegro
Concerto In A Minor For Two Oboes, Solo Violin, Strings And Basso Continuo
19 Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch Allegro-Adagio-Alla Breve
20 Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch Adagio
21 Conrad Friedrich Hurlebusch Allegro