Musicians Who Care ‎– The Care

4th Wave Records ‎– 4WR-02
Vinyl, 12"


1 Newmatic Slam World Goes Crazy
2 Club Of Rome (6) The Children With Mushrooms In Their Eyes
3 Baba Yaga (11) Tomorrow's Child
4 The Coverts The Shrooms
5 Karl Anthony Our World
6 Blisterchicken Who Is The Man?
7 Kachabeat Jah Beat The Devil
8 Bad Dog World Of Fire
9 Bordertown Someday
10 The Care, Eddie Vedder We Shall Overcome 90


The Care, a crazed bunch of knee-jerk progressive musicians belonging to the Musicians Who Care, are, in alphabetical order: Mark Allyn, P.J. Grimes, Matt Mincey, Steve Saint, Karen Scheiber, Ed Tennyson, Melanie Tennyson, Bob Tupper, Eddie Vedder, Peggy Watson and Kris Witty.

Side A: Peace Side
Side B: Love Side

Side A Runout Groove Etch:
The Care "All We Are Saying is Give Peace A Chance" "Save The Planet"

Side B Runout Grove Etch:
The Care "All You Need Is Love"
"Think Globally, Act Locally"

Way back in 1990, a group of peace-loving, tree-hugging musicians in San Diego put out a compilation record called "The Care." Out of hundreds of submissions, 9 bands were picked to appear on the album.

One member of "Musicians Who Care" - Eddie Vedder - was offered a spot on the record with his band, Bad Radio. The production team loved a Bad Radio song called "Believe You Me." The hitch was that each of the bands had to chip in $150 to help pay for the album costs (this was on vinyl). Eddie wanted to be on the record but couldn't convince his bandmates to invest the money.

So we found another band to take their place. But we did offer Eddie another chance to be on the record. The last track on the album was a We-Are-The-World-style rendition of "We Shall Overcome." He sang in the chorus and was also asked to sing one of the three leads.

Alas, he ended up bailing on the solo, but he did sing as part of "The Care." It was Eddie's first vinyl - in what came to be an amazing career.

I've got a few "The Care" albums in my garage. I'm tempted to just throw them away - unless some diehard Eddie Vedder fans out there want them. Let me know if anybody's interested. Could be the gift for someone who already has everything else Pearl Jam.

Steven Saint

Musicians Who Care

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November 12, 2015
I would like to get this record.


September 18, 2015
Hey Steven, do you still have any of these? I had a signed copy but misplaced it over the years. My dad was involved in this and I was in the studio for some of the sessions. It'd be great to have another copy. Thanks.


October 24, 2013
Hey Steven, I'd be interested in these. Please email with any info. Thanks, Rick