Mutilator (2) ‎– Evil Conspiracy - Demos And Rehearsals 1986

F.O.A.D. Records ‎– F.O.A.D. 103
Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition, Yellow Splatter
CD, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition

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"Grave Desecration" + Blood Storm" Demos 1986
A 1 Visions Of Darkness
A 2 Evil Conspiracy
A 3 Mutilator
A 4 Blood Storm
Rehearsal 1986
A 5 Lust And Blood
A 6 Mutilator
B 1 Visions Of Darkness
B 2 Blood Storm
B 3 Nuclear Holocaust
B 4 Massacra
Music By – Hellhammer (2)
B 5 Evil Conspiracy
B 6 War Dogs
B 7 Raise The Dead (Bathory Cover) / Outro
Live at Festival Da Morte, Belo Horizonte 16-08-1986
1 Mutilator
2 Believers Of Hell
3 Evil Conspiracy
4 Massacra
Music By – Hellhammer (2)
5 Blood Storm
6 Visions Of Darkness
7 Nuclear Holocaust
Live at Carioca Club, Rio de Janeiro 29-09-1986
8 Visions Of Darkness
9 Believers Of Hell
10 Evil Conspiracy
11 Massacra
Music By – Hellhammer (2)
12 Nuclear Holocaust
13 Mutilator
Live at Slaughter Festival, Americana 20-09-1986
14 Evil Conspiracy
15 Believers Of Hell
16 Massacra
Music By – Hellhammer (2)
17 Nuclear Holocaust
18 Blood Storm
19 Mutilator


400 copies on black vinyl
100 copies on yellow splatter vinyl (this)
Disc 1:
Track 1-4: Demos 1986 " Grave Desecration" + Blood Storm
Track 6- and side B: Rehearsal 1986
Disc 2:
Track 1-7: Live, Festival Da Morte, Belo Horizonte 16-08-1986
Track 8-13: Live, Carioca Club, Rio de Janeiro 29-09-1986
Track 14-19: Live, Slaughter Festival, Americana 20-09-1986

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October 27, 2016

Finally a release which does total justice to this so often overlooked or forgotten group of Brazilian death-thrash/proto death metal legends. This release is simply astounding (from the content to the packaging). But most importantly it stands as proof, as evidence, to right a terrible wrong. Many thrash proto-death fanatics may have heard MUTILATOR's classic debut LP "Immortal Force" from 1987. Sadly this excellent LP was followed up by the less brutal, less blazing-fast, more technical "Into The Strange" LP in '88 and following a rather weak response to MUTILATOR's second LP, they kinda got tossed into the dustbin of Brazilian cult thrashers (always overshadowed by Sepultura or Sarcofago). Now, we have a release which takes us back to 1986, the year where it can honestly be said MUTILATOR may have been the most extreme band on the planet, certainly the most promising Brazilian band. The sheer savagery, raging speed (easily as fast as much more respected groups like REPULSION, PROTECTOR, Germany's POISON, MERCILESS from Sweden, France's MASSACRA and AGRESSOR and far more intense than circa '86 material put out by MANTAS/DEATH or MORBID ANGEL) and no-doubt proto-death metal (maybe even tinges of proto-blast-beat black metal, just check out the guitar work in "Blood Storm", it's like freakin' MARDUK for Satan's sake) and quite sophisticated (for '86!!!!) riff and lead stylings, coupled with the band's sense of blending nose-bleed speed with heavy as hell mid-tempo double-bass driven segments in my mind easily allows me to consider '86-era MUTILATOR more modern than '86-era SEPULTURA (or Sarcofago, Vulcano, Holocausto, Chakal, etc.). But unlike those other mentioned Brazilian greats, MUTILATOR did not have any "official" releases in '86 (i.e. an EP or LP).
However, those who were lucky enough to be heavy into the realm of extreme metal/hardcore tape trading quickly recognized MUTILATOR's potential and potency via their '86 Rehearsal Demo (featured on this LP) and more importantly the 4 simply maniacal, well-produced studio tracks featured on the "Grave Desecration" and "Blood Storm" demo tapes (also included on this rad LP). I will admit that after years of considering MUTILATOR's '87 debut LP "Immortal Force" a pretty badass minor classic, it was not until I heard the 4 tracks which make up the two classic '86 demos (and are the first 4 tracks on this LP release) that my mind was forced to do some reassessing. To my ears I hear a band playing damn near full-blown modern death metal with a heavy death-thrash foundation of course.
Technically, the material featured on the MUTILATOR-"Evil Conspiracy: Demos And Rehearsals 1986" LP and totally wicked bonus "Live 1986" CD was simply more extreme, more technically challenging (for '86, remember), and more concerned with the overall "mood" (of what would become modern death metal) than many, many of their contemporaries. Certainly it is not as genre defining as M. Angel's '89 "Altars Of Madness" LP, Death's '88 "Leprosy" LP, Deicide's "Legion" LP, or many of the countless other modern death metal cornerstones which arrived as the 80's departed, but for 1986 I really have trouble putting much ahead or above MUTILATOR's demo and rehearsal tape material (not to mention the unbelievable live recordings from '86 on the bonus CD). Sadly, maybe MUTILATOR just weren't able to build on what they seemingly so effortlessly delivered in '86, causing them to slide into obscurity. But thank the totally rad speedfreaks at F.O.A.D. Records for delivering this slice of truly historically important and damn entertaining early extreme metal from a band who ruled Brazil (and maybe the extreme metal world) at least for a few months back in 1986. I mean SLAYER-"Reign In Blood" sounds downright tame compared to this stuff.
And this is NOT a case of scraping the bottom of the barrel for an old school cash-in. Much love was obviously put into this release. From the tracking down of truly excellent source material (from the original cassettes), to the lavish gatefold layout adorned with liner notes, as well as the rad 8 X 12" (?) twelve page booklet featuring tons of classic fliers, photos, zine interviews and reviews, etc., to the excellent mastering. Nothing on the LP is even close to poor sound quality. The demo tracks are studio (or at least 16/24 track) gems and the rehearsal material, while raw, is quite listenable (quite...!!!). And then ya get the bonus CD....
I'm a cynic and figured the bonus "Live 1986" CD would just be a bunch of inaudible audience recordings. I could not have been MORE wrong. "Live '86" features segments from three different sets: a seven-track, crystal clear, live album quality soundboard recording that will blow your mind from "Festival Da Morte" in Belo Horizonte on August 16, 1986, a six-song rough audience recording from"Carioca Club" in Rio de Janeiro, September 29, 1986, and finally ANOTHER freaking soundboard recording (not quite as crystal clear, near live album quality sound as "Festival Da Morte", but a extremely wild, VERY brutal, and just fantastic sound quality recording considering the rarity) featuring six-songs from MUTILATOR's very intense set at "Slaughter Festival" in Americana (?) on Sept. 20, 1986. After being tickled pink and bleeding from the 13 track LP (Demo and Rehearsal Tracks), the "Live 1986" CD was truly a bonus in every sense of the word. To hear how tight MUTILATOR was live and experience the ambience of the Brazilian live scene circa '86 was simply great.
So another WAY above average release from our friends in all things blazing fast and rad as hell at F.O.A.D., and considering the low price for such a beautifully packaged, limited edition release (containing such "must hear" level content), this one's a no-brainer...
This ain't just more bad, super primitive, thrash w/death growls from mid-80's Brazil. This is a release that justifies a true reassessment not just of MUTILATOR as a band, but also their place in extreme metal history, and allows for a bit of questioning of the whole "tidy" story of the development of modern death metal that so many authors have attempted to chronicle. Also, Brazil's role (including the strong ties between their thrash and hardcore punk scenes, starting in the early 80's), the always understated vital importance of the international tape-trading network (in the great pre-internet days when you had to put in a lot of effort if you wanted to hear the really far out stuff) and the indie metal fanzine scene (compared to the wealth of material documenting the many classic punk/hardcore fanzines of the 70's-80's, the heavy metal scene is still a bit behind in collecting and publishing some of the more legendary zines, although at least Bazillion Points put out the "Slayer" zine collection a couple years back) are all also topics for metal study that this release demands. It simply nails so many facets of thrash fanaticism...
So if you've never heard this early MUTILATOR material (or only have heard one of their 2 LPs) and want to get your freakin' money's worth AND truly add something of quality to the death and insanity of your record collection, get a copy while they're still around. Truly, one of the best proto-death metal releases I've encountered in an era where it seems nearly everything (good, bad, or so bad) is getting pressed. This release is something F.O.A.D. should seriously be proud of....To have allowed this material to remain unofficially released would've been a true loss for those of us who seek speed and need balls out, no f'ing around death thrash passion. In another universe, MUTILATOR are gods.....