My Friend The Chocolate Cake ‎– Best Cake In Show

Not On Label ‎– MFTCC21
CD, Album, Stereo


1 Seek 4:19
2 Dance (You Monster To My Slow Song) 3:00
3 Salt 4:49
4 I Guess It Don't Get Much Better Than This 3:20
5 The Forgotten Athletes Of Persia 4:00
6 Swirl 4:27
7 Bottom And The Rustics 4:13
8 Slow Way To Go Down 5:14
9 The Weather Coast 5:24
10 Good Luck 3:25
11 Weep 4:01
12 Aberystwyth 4:27
13 Muckheap 3:03
14 Opus Lagavulin 3:15
15 Can't Find Love 3:51
16 Malaise 4:46
17 The Old Years 5:15


A collection of 17 live recordings spanning the bands 25 year career.

From the band room we hear the strains of the intro tape, usually an instrumental from one of our records.we’re on...the girls do last minute tuning, I finish my whisky, grab a water, Greg says “David….Do a good show”. Helen, Hope and I walk on we begin sparse and slow, a couple of songs, an instrumental. From there it builds up momentum as all the band gradually get on stage. We divide the set into up songs, down songs, up instrumentals, down instrumentals, old songs, new songs…it's a binary thing. Middle of the first set and end of the second set we are wall of sound, we build in and around those moments. Two sets, pretty much always, it gives us a break in the middle to regroup and come back firing for the second half. Pretty much always play for just under two hours. I think we give moneys worth, I hope so anyway.

Since 1989 from Brunswick via Edinburgh,Hanoi,Cork,South Carolina and all the great cities of Australia and regional centres…tents, outdoor settings, churches, pubs, clubs, RSLs, workers clubs, theatres… and I sing "travel all over the country side, ask the Leyland brothers". The band formed out of live gigs at Madigans, an old Druids hall that felt like a living place, grand piano, op shop furniture. This shaped our sound and performance. We love our audience, they give instant feedback just by the expressions on their faces...couples who have fallen in love, buried their parents, travelled through europe, had kids, done the dishes using the Cake's songs as their soundtrack. It means a lot to us…we asked our motley crue of master live mixers, Tim, Brett, Rob, Stu, Siri and Simon to send in their desk tapes of gigs and we have compiled this Best Cake In Show collection...mostly those songs not on Live at the National Theatre and Parade…a different sort of collection. Hope you enjoy.

- David Bridie, 2014