Myler ‎– Lord Of The Asbo

Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM



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May 20, 2018
This is a fine release for the sound aesthetic it pursues, and probably the label's second best after ABSL's ridiculously intense "A Double Tranchant". Mandem has that screechy synth mayhem vibe that fans of the old Surgeon and Inigo Kennedy should go nuts for. Coupled with a whip crack of a beat, you can't go wrong with this incisive, ballsy torpedo.
Shutter Windows opts for a deeper approach, and is my pick of the bunch. The tempo is toned down, but then again things are evened out as some proper subterranean, spooky sounds are cleverly on display throughout. Something to take the crowd to their own nightmare.
The B side's Whiskey & White Woman sounds like, I guess, what you come up with when you have too much whiskey in the company of errrr white women. The focus here is on the bizzarre hook line, which basically sounds like an elephant snorting rock salt or something. As repulsive and out of sync with virtually anything else, its misplacement gives it a unique hate me all I want yet here I snort along feel that is so hopelessly prominent, it just obliterates any arguments one may lay against it. To further boost its oddity is the off beat stuttering rhythm, which further enhances its position as something you just cannot wrap your head around, but find regularly playing out regardless.
The last tune brings the mechanical fire arms into play. Fans of AnD and Ansome are at home here. Blazing percussion, stupendous bass line, wall to wall block rocking attitude. In four words: South London Analogue Material. Might be the label's most diverse joint yet. I really dig it. For what it lacks in originality, it more than compensates with some pretty out there sounds and ideas. Clever, clanging, banging.