Mz.412 ‎– 7 Tape Box

Funeral Industries ‎– FI 082
7 × Cassette, Album, Reissue
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition


Macht Durch Stimme
A1 Ecaf Dloc
A2 Interektion
A3 Dissekt
B1 Aptionstheorie
B2 Rood
B3 Sequela
A1 Virus
A2 Malfeitor
A3 The Death Of Lasarus
A4 Cold Face
B1 Auguste Piccards Nightmare
B2 Introspektion
B3 Public Worship
B4 Still...
In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi
A1 Black Earth
A2 In Nomine Dei
A3 Necrotic Birth
A4 Salvo Honoris Morte
B1 God Of Fifty Names
B2 Daemon Raging
B3 Regie Satanas
B4 Paedophilia Cum Sadismus
B5 Hail The Lord Of Goats
Burning The Temple Of God
A1 Deklaration Of Holy War
A2 The Winter Of Mourning
A3 Feasting On Khristian Blood
A4 Taking The Throne
A5 Act I: Storming The Gates
B1 Taking The Throne
B2 Act II: Proklamation Of The New Order
B3 Burning... (Gods House)
B4 Submit And Obey
B5 Nebulah Frost
B6 Vampiir Of The North
B7 De Ondas Vandring
Nordik Battle Signs
A1 Hz 412 / Introduktion
A2 Algiz - Konvergence Of Life And Death
A3 Satan Jugend
A4 Der Kampf Geht Weiter
B1 Satan Jugend II: Global Konquering
B2 Tyranor
B3 NBS Act I: Begravning
B4 NBS Act II: 14W
Domine Rex Inferum
A1 Invok: Satha 412.71
A2 Ritual: 1
B1 Ritual: 2
B2 Komuni: Disciple 824.9 KX
Infernal Affairs
1 Preludiumh
2 Infernal Affairs I
3 Vredens Skvadron
4 Point Of Presence
5 Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Wrath
6 Epilogh
7 Inkant 12 SLE
8 Unhealing Wounds
9 Mourning Star
10 Infernal Affairs II
11 Postludiumh


Limited to 200 copies.