NCN* & Negativland ‎– They Saved Zappa's Moustache

38 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 OTE Intro And Bicycle 17:22
2 Scary Looking Hair 4:47
3 Hippie Cynicism And Calls From Callers 4:11
4 Cheap Thrills And Other Cutups 9:04
5 Pick Up Sticks 4:49
6 Anyway, The Wind 3:22
7 Spider Monkees 10:13
8 Noodling 11:39
9 Lick Your Stamps 4:57
10 Hunger Of The Freaks 2:08
11 Say The Same Thing Again 1:36
12 Frank [Rudy Schwartz Project] 1:44
13 Transcends Music 5:59
14 Using The Chicken 4:54
15 The Other Members Of Negativland 6:32
16 The Kids Are Freaking Out 8:33
17 What Would You Do If We Let You Go Home 4:06
18 What Do You Want? 5:52
19 Go Ahead And Cry 3:16
20 John and Yoko 25:05
21 Help, I'm A Monster Magnet 12:33
22 Comedy Sketch Weave 9:56
23 Serial Material Part 1 8:51
24 My Guitars Want To Kill Your Mamas 3:12
25 650BN 3:56
26 Serious Music Part 1 9:46
27 Serious Music Part 2 15:31
28 What Do You Want? Part 2 7:05
29 Great Hopes 6:33
30 Numbers 7:08
31 Paint Your Head 2:02
32 Serial Material Part 2 8:59
33 Creamcheeze 6:03
34 Crying 5:35
35 Voice To Voice 1:28
36 Subtle Porn Rock 8:47
37 Thank You For Joining Us 2:39
38 Fad World 3:02



This program, 'They Saved Zappa's Moustache' (also known as 'Zapped' as coined by co-creator of the program Don Joyce of Negativland) is the full, official, re-mastered release of this sound collage show mixed live on the air by Don Joyce and Phineas Narco (of The National Cynical Network).

It was broadcast in March of 1995 on Negativland's KPFA radio show, 'Over the Edge'.

It is an almost 5-hour experimental remix of, and tribute to, Frank Zappa and his music. The program primarily focused on the music Frank Zappa created early on in his career.

It is available for the first time in lossless (and other) formats on a name-your-own-price basis at The National Cynical Network's bandcamp site.

This program was recorded directly from the KPFA headphone feed (at the time of broadcast) onto Hi-Fi VCR tape, and directly transferred from that master to this digital copy for maximum sound fidelity.

Simpsons creator Matt Groening got a tape copy of this show back in the 90's and a former Zappa employee has stated '...this is how I like to listen to Frank!' upon hearing the show.

The entire download yields hidden free bonus material in the form of the parody song 'Fad World' sung by Phineas Narco, as heard on the NCN album 'Straight Outta Klonopin' (a 99 cent value).

This sound collage program is a piece of artistic expression, and a labor of love, intended in the same experimental and divergent spirit toward creating music and art which we believe Frank promoted and stood for during his life.

Portions of Frank's music are used fairly in this program, for reference, in the creation of the program's own narrative commentary as expressed through the fragmentary mixture, and placement, of this material.

However, listeners owe it to themselves to find and appreciate the original works, as made by Frank, which are now available at major music venues online such as iTunes and Amazon but also through

Some material used in the making of this program is not by us. Credit for material used is given when and where possible. The more derivative tracks and sequences are not available as separate tracks.

This program is meant to be heard and taken in its entirety and is a wholly uniquely synthesized audio creation.

It is our hope that this program peaks the interest of the listener in regards to the early, original work of this late, great composer, Frank Zappa.

This program is not for profit. All proceeds sent to the creators are considered donations to be put back toward the expenses of the NCN project.

Thank you for your support.