NG* ‎– More Pain

8 × File, Album


1 Perla Ovitz 7:15
2 Krampus Folk Rustre 8:56
3 Dance and Fade Away 6:47
4 They Took the Colour From Your Eyes 5:32
5 Chòlera 7:37
6 Strange Hypnogents 8:44
7 Evariste The Unicorn and His Brilliant Villain Daughters 6:11
8 Keep Back Looking Forward 13:20



Recoded in 2015/16 at OFF Studio (TO) by Marco Milanesio
Sound Design and Mastering: Marco Milanesio
Artwork: Giovanni Libracub
Background pic: Jacques Pringault

Digital release: April 27, 2016

Press release from Disques de l'Europe Morte:

"We are aware that in 2016 music is a matter of personal fetishism, something to share with an undefined number of friends on the one and only communication channel; therefore, today we release a new musical chapter of the NG project: “More Pain”.

For now, the album is only available online, but it will soon be pressed and released in physical format, as other releases of our label. The physical release will have a different artwork and a different tracklist.
“More Pain” was realised at O.F.F. Studio in Turin, recorded and mixed by Marco Milanesio.

In this operation NG is composed of:
Evor Ameisie, Giovanni Libracub, Arthur Geffroy, Aima Lichtblau, Nico Guerrero, Sonia Cohen-Skalli, Cutino, Antonov.

Special thanks to those who supported and spread our work on the damn “net”. Thanks to the precious sound design of Marco Milanesio and the staff at O.F.F. Studio, Paul Beauchamp, and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, to Simone Gastaldon, Jacques Pringault, Camerata Mediolanense/Mediolanum, and the cities of Paris and Rouen.

Thank you for your attention,
Disques de l’Europe Morte"

Disques de l'Europe Morte: