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Cassette, Album, C60


A1 P.T.I. (Version)
A2 Rouge March
A3 Free Form Fetish (Inst.)
A4 Congo
A5 Wahn
A6 Viviola
A7 See You
B1 Bass 1
B2 Bass 2
B3 Mansonic Drop 1
B4 Mansonic Drop 2
B5 Heldon
B6 East Bank
B7 Kiram
B8 Lylah
B9 Death-Trip
B10 Sign-Out


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June 2, 2012
Solo work from this member of KONSTRUKTIVISTS - a 17 track tape beginning with "P.T.I. (Version)", a dense, echoey Industrial work, with deep swooping phases & odd sounds appearing in a neatly arranged random way. Then "Rouge March" comes thundering through - harsh, almost grating percussive cannonade with machine noises in the background. "Free Form Fetish" has bass rhythm with apparently distant synth sustained off-key. "Congo" is a rhythmic track with rising noise in the background, transmuting steadily from one rhythm to another. "Wahn" booms out of the speakers in a huge, dense cloud of noise, grinding & phasing in great gunmetal grey swoops. "Viviola" speeds up an apparent 4 note sequencer, parameters changing slowly, metamorphosing the sound gradually. "See You" closes side one - again a sequence, although this one a little more complex and more Trad Industrial, manipulated seemingly at random.
Side two opens with "Bass 1" - another wild, unaccompanied sequence, this one struggling manfully in search of a Rock track to fit. "Bass 2" follows immediately on it's heels, a thundering anti-rhythm which eventually makes way for "Mansonic Drop 1", an atmospheric, creepy soundtrack to isolation and threat. "Mansonic Drop 2" creeps in like some other-dimensional music box melody. or perhaps the soundtrack to an early Seventies Hammer Horror film. "Heldon" revives the tense, chilling mood with synth like falling stars from a deep sanguine firmament. "East Bank" winds it's serpentine way through a monotonous thumping drum rhythm, then "Kiram" ushers in a strange atmosphere, of springs & ethnic drums, the herald soundtrack to a ritual of insanity. "Lylah" is a well-constructed instrumental to prove N.K.V.D. to be a musician as well as an experimental dabbler. It's a nice relaxing track that even your mother might like, without being so nice you want to turn it off. "Death-Trip" returns to tense, chilling stuff with something which might find home in a JOHN CARPENTER soundtrack. The cassette tails off with another serpentine meandering rhythm / keys track, an Eastern essence winds to an abrupt silence.

This is a cassette which has both up- and down-moments. It's full of styles and moods which make strange bedfellows, but none of it is actually bad, and much of it makes enjoyable listening. If you like challenging music, then rise to this one.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.