NSPS ‎– Timeless Towns & Haunted Places

Nutra Stick Productions ‎– NSP-003
CDr, Album, Limited Edition


1 Election Day Blues
2 Abortable Adoption
3 Side Effects
4 If You Aren't Psychic
5 For You
6 The Art of Packing
7 Knife
8 Down a Hole
9 Funnier With a Laugh Track
10 Pheromone Cologne
11 Dimly Lit
12 Rome
13 Sunburnt and Bruised
14 Shadow Caster
15 Constellation Poetry
16 Uncomfortable Chairs
17 Too Many Millenniums
18 The Snow



The first physical release of this album in 2003 was a limited-edition run of 400 CD-Rs with label artwork, a front foldout booklet and rear insert. Each front booklet was hand-numbered and it is rumoured that each booklet features unique handmade drawings or doodles made by the band somewhere in the inside panels. The booklet unfolds into a 6-panel lyric sheet.

Mastered by DRT Mastering
Recorded at Sweet Pixie Studios 1999-2003
Made in the U.S.A.
Unauthorized duplication is generally frowned upon in this day and age of dog-eat-dog capitalism.

(Note: Some tracks were later re-mixed and/or partially re-recorded, and those versions can be found on the remastered version which was released on streaming sites in 2014.)