Nacho Libre ‎– Siete Lunas EP

Shango records (4) ‎– SHNG015
3 × File, WAV, EP


1 Moon Song
2 Mirongas Del Agua
3 El Chaman Medianotche


They sailed out of the fishermen's port at dawn, well provisioned and better disposed, Euclides almost naked, with only the loincloth that he always wore, and Florentino with his frock coat, his tenebrous hat, his patent-leather boots, the poet's bow at his neck, and a book to pass the time during the crossing to the islands. From the very first Sunday he realized that Euclides was as good a navigator as he was a diver, and that he had astonishing knowledge of the character of the sea and the debris in the bay. He could recount in the most unexpected detail the history of each rusting hulk of a boat, he knew the age of each buoy, the origin of every piece of rubbish, the number of links in the chain with which the Spaniards closed off the entrance of the bay. Fearing that he might also know the real purpose of his expedition, Florentino asked him sly questions and in this way realized that Euclides did not have the slightest suspicion about the sunken galleon. The story of the treasure was something that cannot be explained with words and cannot be learned, you only can live with it, feel it by taking a music journey with it, for seven days or seven nights or seven moons! “SIETE LUNAS EP” is a music treasure arranged by NACHO LIBRE....come close and enjoy the warmth of this journey!