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1 Lei 4:37
2 Silenzi 6:05
3 Distanze (short version) 4:32
4 Scene Presenti 5:03
5 Voce Senza Volto 5:52
6 Trame (short version) 4:30
7 Distanze 5:08
8 Lontano 6:03
9 Voce Senza Volto 6:28
10 Immagini 6:43
11 Trame 6:39



Tracks 1-6 recorded at Teatro Astoria (live with studio electronics).
Tracks 7-11 recorded at Sala Dante (live).
Track 1 is Italian version of track RED (album EROS).
Tracks 2-11 are previously unreleased.
All tracks were originally recorded in 1987.

In 2009 has been released a precious work, edited by Spittle Records, entitled "Crollo Nervoso – La New Wave italiana negli anni '80".
In the music compilation, a song is 'Possession', from NADJA; but who's NADJA ?
NADJA has been one of the most relevant Dark / New Wave bands in the 80's Italian overview.

Picture 1/5: Nadja <1985 (1st period, English Sung) – Michele, Osvaldo, Fabio, Roberto

This group, originally from La Spezia (Italy), evolved from a project of Fabio Giannini to the New Wave genre, and that was accomplished with the creation of band including Osvaldo Lanata (vocals), Michele Militello (bass), Roberto Andreotti (drums), in 1981.
The musical production is significant both in quantity and quality; the group comes out quickly from the local live circuit , and performs its gigs geographically broader.
NADJA get in quick succession in the studio, and published his first two works 'alone', La Joie (1984) and ‘Eros’ (1985).

Picture 2/5: First 2 ‘alone’ works of Nadja: tapes “La Joie” (1984) e “Eros” (1985), recorded in studio

The findings are numerous and very favorable; between the years 1984 and 1985 pieces of NADJA are included in countless compilations on tape that were produced at that time; also vinyl CODE contains 2 pieces of them.
Additionally, all major fanzines New Wave deal with them - especially relevant the reviews on VM, and the group's presence in the Reader's Poll Rockerilla of 1985, under Italian Groups section.
So NADJA went to participate in numerous live events, among them the most important was the open act for Virgin Prunes in 1985 at Florence.
In 1985 a turning point; NADJA intend to communicate in ways more direct their texts, and decides to go to sing in Italian.
This coincides with the exit by the group of Osvaldo (interested in some other projects), and the entrance in place of Maurizio Montemauri .
The choice of new vocalist falls on him, after NADJA was impressed by previous collaborations of Maurizio with some locals groups, among which some live performances, and adding voice as in a studio recording, of another group of musical genre similarly, the Pagan Easter.

The new musical production is moving forward; they create new pieces.
The acceptance of this genre of music is very good; and that is the group, among the many others interests - as the only Italian group New Wave – participated to the big event in Nettuno ( Rome ) of 10 August 1985, with great artists as Cocteau Twins.

Picture 3/5: ticket of 1985, August 10 - live in Rome

In 1987 the group is ready to enter the studio to record the new songs sung in Italian with. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate circumstances cause the dissolution of the group, before the creation of the new job in Italian.

Picture 4/5: Nadja >1985 (2nd period, Italian sung) - Fabio, Michele, Roberto, Maurizio

In subsequent years, the network flourish news about NADJA, but only relative to the 1st period; nothing is available on the group about the production of the 2nd period.
In 2015, urged by several parties, Michele Militello recovers 2 C46 cassette tapes relating to two live in 1987: one at the Astoria Theatre, and one in Dante Hall, both in La Spezia, with pieces of the 2nd period.
With a long and painstaking restoration, at a distance of about 30 years, the content of those tapes 2 is poured into digital.
This creates, in care label Sunflower Music Lab in Rome, a CD with unreleased songs of the 2nd period, was issued on 2015, November 14.
This is a limited edition of only 99 numbered copies - a real historical document unpublished!
So, it is finally filled the void left by the sudden disappearance of NADJA from the music scene of the Italian New Wave of the '80s.

Picture 5/5: 3dh ‘alone’ NADJA work: the CD “nadja ’87 (FU)”, live recorded

This CD will result as an original, genuine, must-have musical document of that musical season, milestone of your Dark / New Wave collection.

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