Nasenbluten ‎– Not As Good As 100% No Soul Guaranteed EP

2 × Vinyl, 12", EP


A1 Beer Beer Beer 1:22
A2 Knobs + Knockers 4:49
A3 Lurid 3:59
A4 Wallsend Police 1:14
B1 Enema Bandit 2:24
B2 The Lassie Feeling 4:16
B3 Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down 4:38
B4 Sex References 1:03
C1 Big Gonads 2:13
C2 I Don't Fuck Around 5:18
C3 Machete 5:25
D1 Bloody Hell (For Christ's Sake Mix) 0:52
D2 Fuckin Greedy Bitch 4:24
D3 There It Is... 0:43
D4 Air Strikes 4:28
D5 Wagga Wagga Wagga Is Wrong 1:46
D6 Sex In A Trench 0:08

Companies, etc.



All tracks still written, produced and mixed in glorious 8-bit mono at a house in Newcastle, Australia.

© ℗ 1997 Industrial Strength Records
Len & Jen Music ASCAP



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August 25, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
Some interpretations, sub-par reviews and completely unnecessary information of little to no value.

Bodgy is an Australian slang word for something of poor quality.

Beer Beer Beer describes a typical Australian weekend.

Knob means penis, Knockers means breasts. This should be called LL Cool J - Rock The Bells (Nasenbluten Remix). My favourite track on the record, taking a famous Hip Hop track adding a blunt square wave kickdrum with Mark N's tasty scratches. Awesome.

To this day, I can't tell if Lurid is an early example of Breakcore or really fast Drum and Bass.

Wallsend is one of the outer suburbs of Newcastle.

The Lassie Feeling sounds like Aaron Lubinski especially the weird radio samples in the track. The Lassie Feeling isn't a Australian term, sounds like somebody who needs to harden the fuck up.

Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down is the first of three Hardcore tracks on this vinyl that samples Tim Dog's second album, Do Or Die, to good effect. Tim Dog himself, is referencing Brand Nubian's song Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.

The Sex References sample is from a local TV (Channel 9?) announcer who would state the Adults Only elements of a TV show or a movie before screening.

Gonads means testicles.

Both I Don't Fuck Around and Machete take their samples from Tim Dog's Do Or Die. I bought this album on cassette in 1992, so hearing his voice on these Industrial Hardcore cuts 5 years later was odd but ultimately the main reason I liked this record.

Bloody Hell is 52 seconds of three guys from the suburban paradise of Newcastle telling everybody to fuck off.

The first time I heard Fuckin Greedy Bitch was on Nasenbluten's liveset on JJJ, the second half of this track goes off the rails, I always wondered how the typical (University) JJJ listener felt about this track. They probably turned off the radio.

There It Is is Mark Newlands juggling 2 copies of Run DMC's classic, Peter Piper. Stunningly beautiful and way too short! Juggling Peter Piper was common amongst the great turntablists in the mid 90's.

There's not much to Air Strikes, but 20 years later, The Outside Agency did an amazing remix of Air Strikes.

Wagga Wagga Wagga Is Wrong.... is right! The name of this New South Wales town is Wagga Wagga, in fact the locals would prefer if you just called it Wagga. I would review this track, but if you've heard it, I'd rather not!

Sex In A Trench: I could be wrong, but it sounds like Kingswood Country going through only one channel.

This second effort by Nasenbluten was compiled from their cassette album, N Of Terror. Rhys Arvidson (Fluorocarbon) told me these tracks heavily inspired him to start making Industrial Hardcore on an Amiga. His Fast Tracker efforts would eventually be FIST 25.

Because Lenny Dee would forget about the time difference between America and Australia, he would wake up Mark N in the middle of the night to talk about music.

It took Nasenbluten 5 years to be properly paid for this record. As part of the payment, Soundbase Music happily repress this record in 2002.

This is what I have left regarding reviews of the record from 1997, including a proper DJ Funbags review. Funbags means breasts.