NekRock ‎– Aesthetics 4: Return Of The Angel

15 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 The Great Aesthetic Comeback 2:58
2 Gyarus Are Inherently The Purest Creatures In The World 3:06
3 Eternal Loli Vampire 3:11
4 Neko Paradise 3:38
5 World Aesthetics Championship Elimination Chamber Match 3:16
6 La Vie En Esthétique 2:24
7 It's Ya Boi, Zyzzma 4:05
8 Imoutophiliac 2 - Hug Your Imouto Edition 3:01
9 Her Softness 6:30
10 Caffeinated Spider Dance 4:39
11 Midwest Lolicore 2:36
12 Idolize I 4:15
13 Idolize II 6:05
14 Honey Cake 3:38
15 Return To The Harpy's Nest 3:26

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February 8, 2018

This album changed my life before listening to this I was nothing but a stone statue following the rules and laws like everyone else believing the government was there for me but then something happened... something that changed my life forever.... it was listening to NekRock's ‎"Aesthetics 4: Return Of The Angel" I had no idea what I was expecting going into this album but when I pressed play on my Nokia N-Gage Circa 2005 I was transferred to the depth of the unknown. A place that is non-existent in this world that is oversaturated with mind-controlled ads. It took me to 2000s Russia I was in a Khrushchyovka with my fellow Gopotas wearing Tracksuits whilst squatting and watching anime on our VHS tapes we had bootlegged from online Anime forms and listening to our Favorite Hardbass Producers like Xs Project and Spb Hard Bass Mafia. I felt like I was alive for the first time in my life being able to do whatever I want without any repercussions, without anyone there to tell not to that, I could do anything, ANYTHING, and not get in trouble I was finally free until the album had ended... When it ended I was sad I felt like I had been lied to my whole life that I was being controlled by the government. So I sought out to spread this album with everyone, to share that feeling I had, This album is a masterpiece, a 10/10, the greatest album to ever exist.

Best Tracks: 1,4,7,11,12,13, and, 15.