New Noveta / Vagina Dentata Organ ‎– The Administration Of Physique

Ultra-Mail Prod. ‎– U.M.P 023
Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, Clear Vinyl
DVD, Mini, DVD-Video
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered


Side Fish New Noveta Untitled
Side Mirror Vagina Dentata Organ Untitled



Special Edition - Ltd. 65 (only 50 of which were for general sale)

Extremely lavish embossed box set (20/20cm when closed) includes :

33rpm 7" on cloudy clear vinyl feat. NN & VDO's live performances at CIA, Hong Kong, July 21st 2013.

3" DVD feat. multi-camera shot video footage of NN & VDO's live performances in Hong Kong (as above), plus additional clips of VDO footage from previous live performances in Berlin, Bristol and Paris during 2012-13.

Jordi Valls hand-numbered & signed 'Mugshots' print embossed with VDO logo mounted on inner left hand side of the box.

Remnants of NN & VDO's live performances in Hong Kong (VDO : shards of broken mirror, NN : small fish & sections of fishing net) collaged together and set with a strong glass-like adhesive (the smell of which is extremely acrid) into a metal base on the inner right side of the box. This part of the set is completely hand-made and each one is different. See images (several pictured).

From label press release :

"The long awaited live sound and visual recording of their legendary Hong Kong live performance at the CIA have finally being materialised in this no expense is spared luxury boxset, limited to 65 unique handmade editions but only 50 copies of which will see the light of day. Each one is laboriously made on the gallery floor at CIA, Hong Kong, in the most time-consuming fashion, and rest assured that no one copy is same. Elements of the show have been encapsulated in time, immersed in crystal clear material in all their glories.

Contained DMM clear vinyl 7” record and a 3”DVD which shows the evidences of New Noveta’s uncompromisingly intense, frenzy duet of Ellen Freed and Keira Fox with special appearance of local sea creatures, and of course the legendary Jordi Valls’ extreme action, plus previously unseen footage of VDO’s shows in Berlin, Paris and Bristol masterfully edited by Zoe Valls. It is a rare collection of two groups at the top of their creative careers where both employing extreme physical forms of expression yet spanning across more than 3 decades. For one night they were flown in to Hong Kong and shared the same stage, with their acts captured on video, and now presented to you."