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CDr, Limited Edition, EP


1 Zavet 31:14


This is the last part of Neznamo's 'MY' trilogy. 'Zavet' finishes this song devoted to the Tradition. First two parts, 'Seme>Zemlya' and 'Utrata' were published by Moonsun Productions. Themes of 'Zavet' - the Fall of Tradition, Defeat of Spirit, and their future Revival. Eternal Primary Myth of Death and Rebirth appears here as sounds and echoes. This release presents majestic Drone Ambient canvas weaved of drones and noises created with wind, string and percussion instruments and field recordings. Decorative design presented as full-color six-panel envelope.


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August 19, 2012
In my exploration of Mother Russia ambient scene I came over a formation called Neznamo based in Moscow which is an experimental product of Dmitriy Shilov. He started his journey around 1996 under the name Unknown, ten years later transformed it into Neznamo, Dmitriy produced until today a rich gamut of both solo albums and singles together with lots of collaborations with artists in the same area. The single CDr 'Zavet' (behest) was released around two years ago by Yaroslavl based label Vetvei that passionately supports the local scene.

Ambient music had always been something very subjective in terms of feeling and emotions raised during its experiencing. I cannot impose anyone to feel the same because of its inner nature of music composing. But sometimes bands themselves try to reflect their messages either by names of albums or by album's graphics. The message of Neznamo can be found inside the printed sleeve, and it says few simple statements: "Remember, Take care of and Love". The goal of the project from its beginning was to research the human genuine self by immersing him into unconscious using sound and melodic images. That's why I can possibly assume that through his music Dmitriy presents the need to remember the special roots and traditions, about the dawn of spirit and tries to reveal own emotions towards the processes of self-destruction.

The CDr contains of only one long composition of 31 minutes run. It can be divided into four parts that are sown together with a thread of deep mystical hum to create a strong meditative atmosphere. The track starts with a sound of bells which is looped into the spiral that crumples the whole first part. Different field recordings can be heard here and there, like wind blowing over broad snowy plains, rain drops falling on abandoned pond and all of that kind. Slowly the bell's dinging fades away to free a space for a deeper droning part that reminds me of what can be heard from Troum or Maeror Tri , some reverberations of a distant percussion and pale chanting voices, all of that creates a thick hypnotizing ambience. Progressively, the droning hum transforms into low background noise full of night sounds, crickets, birds and others. Did you ever tried to listen to silence? When everything is totally silent around, sometimes you can feel a strong pressure on ear membranes that create an effect of low noise, like nature itself is vibrating around filling the air with energies rising from soil. That what I felt while listening to the third part of the composition, or maybe it is the effect of THC (jokingly). This part lasts for a few minutes trying to chink into armor of my sanity and again slowly fades away to reborn as a droning sound created by some kind of French horn or some other wind-blowing instrument, followed by a very distant shaman drum beat. This final part of the track raised a strong feeling of deja vu from one of Troum's shows which I attended five or six years ago - the same structure and passages, the same sound tones and layers. Still the atmosphere remains meditative and deep until the end of the composition, without sudden rises and falls.

With the album "Zavet", Dmitriy finishes his conceptual trilogy started in 2007 by singles 'Seme>Zemlya' and 'Utrata'. What comes to mind after listening to this creation is a constant feeling of imitation of what can be heard from other ritual drone ambient projects of the scene. But even when reminding those bands, Neznamo has his own imprint in this record, creating atmosphere that is entertaining enough to listen to 'Zavet'. Way to go and hope to hear more development in the future of this project.


December 5, 2010

NEZNAMO is a project which emerges from russian Federation,having as principal basis the exploration of human's true ego through the development of soundscapes and atmospheres which open channels via uncosnsious currents,as a way to enter into deep states of mind. "Zavet " is the third part of a trilogy concept released by Dmitry N. Shilow,the mastermind behinds NEZNAMO,in which through dense atmospheres you shall be submerged in such enigmatic dimension full of distant soundscapes and eerie passajes with very somber elements thoguh the whole album!A long 31:15 minutes voyage to the center of earth through the well performed use of drone elements bathed with a kind of suggestive and subliminal atmospheres going perfectly arranged with the whole structure of the track.The high impressive use of percussive elements mixed with such field recordings makes of this release one of the most interesting ones by Neznamo. At moments such hypnotic composition seems to transport you to the very primal states of counciousness,due the magickal atmospheres created by Dmitry.Without a Doubt another excelent release by Russian Vetvei recs,also its worth to note this release comes in a special package of full colour six panel envelope!!! for more info just visit Vetvei's page...

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