Nigdeniya ‎– Nigdeniya

Zhelezobeton ‎– ZHB-XXXVI
CDr, Album, Limited Edition


Limited edition of 150 copies.



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November 20, 2013
Without any doubt, sometimes people seek for the place to run away from everyday life, from all the problems around and stuff that tries to hit you hard each day. Some of them find the escape in imaginary worlds, and music can be a key which can open the gates wide to those hideaways. That's why three noble gentlemen that are responsible for the piece of plastic in my hand find their place of comfort and an inspiring theme in a state of Nigdeniy", a "Nowhereland". The land that can never exist was born in imagination of Thomas More in his famous novel 'Utopia' around 500 years ago and this word can describe precisely the musical content of the album that sees light at Russian based Zhelezobeton label during 2013.

Three comrades contributed to this release under the concept of so called "mail art", when the artists didn't meet during the process and exchanged the material via mail. Three different visions of electronic experimental music are bound together to reveal the "Nowhereland" full of various colors and moods.

What can be heard directly from the beginning is the complexity and multilayered structure inside each composition. The music has a strong atmospheric background and a certain melody that floats somewhere high in the sky. Layers of electronic pulsations and disturbances, special effects and scratches, different sampled voices and spoken words, all of them are mixed together and glued with a looping electronic beat that injects a constant rhythm inside the music. "Metronome", "Perenosicia Sna", "Water Illusion", the compositions have the same signature, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but it is easily recognizable indeed. Few parts remind a little bit of Legendary Pink Dots with their heavy psychedelic accent, like "Dubious" part 1 and 2 and "Pastel". It seems from time to time, that while traveling inside the internet between the artists, the parts of the music soaked its spirit, the energy of data streams, human emotions and feelings being transmitted by constant electronic impulses. Virtual machinery exists along with the real world and that close cooperation grows into interesting symbiosis. There is a strong feeling that the mysterious land "Nigdeniya" lies behind the ultimate cover of physical continuum, wrapped in magnetic fields which hypnotize the listener with a constant pulsations, absorbing his energy to feed the morphing substance that lives inside.

A thickness of the border between "Nowhereland" and our regular world is defined only by a desire of our imagination to break it and to drift away. Living without the ability to escape even for an hour to the place where nobody can reach you, I think it is a very sad case. The musicians that contribute to this release have the right idea of how to craft a very dense landscape and turn it to be a hideaway of the listeners' dreams. Sometimes the entertaining part looses its power a bit, and I think, as a result of the chase after complexity.

I am pretty sure though that if the collaboration of those gentlemen continues to evolve, it can grow into something that will generate many hours of pure joy; there are few corners that need to be sharpened and polished in order to penetrate my soul much deeper. Anyhow, the land that can never exist is right here, so what are you waiting for?