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Product Description
CD/DVD Set LOVE is a timeless multimedia diary of music, video, writings, and photography. Fresh, real and passionate - this project reveals an intimate journey of life friendship and freedom, and is filled with a purity and transparency that pierces the heart and soul. There is a genuine mystique about this free spirited artist, NIKO.

The CD LOVE is a conceptual album and features a fascinating collection of 16 songs. True to its title, it expresses all facets of love. Whether you are a friend, a parent, a lover or all alone in this world, you will find a song with an emotion that sings your soul! There is a broad diversity of musical styles on this album ranging from rock pop alternative and jazz to gospel new age and world - all knit together by the unique voice of NIKO. The themes and lyrics range from light to dark moods, one song laughs while another sheds tears. There are questions, there are answers. Love is found, love is lost, rejected and then embraced. The story unfolds into a final conclusion filled with hope and enlightenment. Throughout the album, NIKO is a naked soul with nothing to hide and everything to share. Once you hear his music, it is like a sweet poison in your blood, you will want more.

The DVD If you have ever wanted to know what it's like for an artist to compose a song, you'll see it here. From the first idea to the last guitar strum! This 4 hour DVD not only documents the musical creation process but also reveals a very up close and personal glimpse into the life of NIKO.The Booklets And to top it off, LOVE comes with not 1 but 2 separate booklets! A total of 48 colorful pages filled with lyrics, song descriptions, and interpretations from the artist's perspective!

LOVE celebrates our humanity - it shows so beautifully that we are only human through our emotions. It reaches the hidden parts of the soul of man, the forgotten depths. For those who enjoy more from an artist than just exceptional music, get ready for an amazing journey filled with both light and darkness, hope and despair, and all of the emotions you can imagine from the life of someone who is as real as they come, someone who truly believes in love with all of his blood.

From the Artist
As strange as it may seem, when I look at Love often times I do not see myself. When I listen to the music or read the booklets or view the dvd, I see humanity, I hear the cry of mankind, I feel the heart's of a billion longing for love! I am simply a channel, a messenger, a voice for something that is much gander than I.

It took years of solid work to complete this project, now when I step back and look at it I marvel at its vastness and depth. I am hushed by its wisdom. And I am provoked by its message. For those who take the time to listen read and view its contents, you can’t help but be affected in the absolute depths of your being. Selah.

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  • Barcode: 783707966823
  • ASIN: B0006NUK2E