Ninja Death Squad ‎– Appreciate Our Art

Heartcore Records ‎– hc#009
CD, Album


1 Appreciate Our Art
2 If God Hates Fags (I Hate God)
3 If I Don't Watch MTV Everyday (I Don't Feel Complete As A Human Being)
4 False Prophecy Of The Sullen
5 Let's Restart The Coldwar (G.W. Bush)
6 Highschool Goth Bands
7 Homophobes Gaybash In Order To Surpress Their Powerful Homosexual Tendencies
8 It's A Nice Day To Open A Mailbomb
9 Deviate From The Suckass
10 Ravers Are Gay
11 Martha Stewart Living Dead
12 Blame Satan's Rage On The Success Of The Great Awakening
13 Making Our Album Morally Sound For The Sole Purpose Of Getting It Sold At Walmart
14 Steve Lemcke
15 My Troubled Childhood And Its Effect On A Third World Country (Concerning The Death Of Small Animals Immolated In Microwave Appliances)
16 Army Of Fag
17 Bog Saget
18 I'm So Sick Of This Punk Rock Shit
19 Our Art