Niveau Null ‎– Niveau Null

Heimat Records ‎– HR 004
Vinyl, 7"


A1 Schnulze
A2 Rotor
B1 Nazi
B2 Neue Heimat

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June 22, 2017
I have got in contact with Garry the drummer of the band and he told me, that truely 500 copies were made, but only 350 - 450 copies are sold. He reported that the band had at first brought out the single with the black/white cover, but later they decide to spray the cover and it`s true like bubbleman said, he got bored to spray the last 50-100 copies, because in those times it was hard work to get copies on the market ( 5 -10 copies to a recordshop on comision and so on......) I `ll try to put photo of the fist cover on to this platform soon!


June 19, 2017
There are only 150 copies made, so far I know, but really there are sadly only a few covers with stencil spray!


September 11, 2012
As far as I know from these Bremen based Punks, they used the stencil of the bands name to spraying it on their leather jackets and to leather jackets of friends and supporters.
Then the record came out, but the cover weren't finished, so they decided to use the stencil for most of the covers of the record. When the covers actually arrived, most of the records were sold without the regular cover.
Anyway, this one is extremely rare (with spray cover!) and much more rarer with the regular cover!


August 20, 2010

This is definetly the best Heimat release and one of the rarest. It Rocks. I think only 300 copies were made and very few have a sleeve. As legend goes the band made a stencil and spray painted their logo on the white sleeves themselves, but after a good while got bored and lost interest and quit, that's why few copies exist with a sleeve. I know the guy who still has the stencil, maybe I should go into the Ebay KBD collectors business