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4 × Flexi-disc, 9", 33 ⅓ RPM


A1-i Western Grebe: Calls; Dark And Light Phases
A1-ii Tundra Swan: Call
A1-iii Trumpeter Swan: Call, Wingbeat
A1-iv Canada Goose: Calls; Larger And Smaller Forms
A2-i King Rail: Calls
A2-ii Clapper Rail: Call
A2-iii Virginia Rail: Calls
A2-iv Sora: Calls, Whinny
A2-v Yellow Rail: Call
A2-vi Black Rail: Calls
A3-i Semipalmated Plover: Call
A3-ii Common Ringed Plover: Calls
A3-iii Black-Bellied Plover: Call
A3-iv Lesser Golden-Plover: Call
A3-v Greater Golden-Plover: Call
A3-vi Greater Yellowlegs: Call
A3-vii Lesser Yellowlegs: Calls
A4-i Wilson's Phalarope: Calls
A4-ii Red-Necked Phalarope: Calls
A4-iii Short-Billed Dowticher: Call
A4-iv Long-Billed Dowticher: Calls
A4-v Ruddy Turnstone: Calls
A4-vi Black Turnstone: Calls
B1-i Sanderling: Calls
B1-ii Dunlin: Calls
B1-iii Semipalmated Sandpiper: Calls
B1-iv Least Sandpiper: Call
B1-v Temminck's Stint: Call
B1-vi Baird's Sandpiper: Calls
B1-vii Pectoral Sandpiper: Call
B2-i Arctic Tern: Calls
B2-ii Common Tern: Calls
B2-iii Forster's Tern: Calls
B2-iv Roseate Tern: Calls
B2-v Royal Tern: Calls
B2-vi Caspian Tern: Calls; Adult And Juvenile
B3-i Red-Shouldered Hawk: Call
B3-ii Broad-Winged Hawk: Call
B3-iii Red-Tailed Hawk: Call
B4-i Ruffed Grouse: Drumming
B4-ii Spruce Grouse: Female Call, Male Flight Display With Wing Clap; "Franklin's"
B4-iii Blue Grouse: Hooting
B4-iv Montezuma Quail: Call
B4-v Scaled Quail: Calls
B4-vi Gambel's Quail: Calls
B4-vii California Quail: Calls
B4-viii Mountain Quail: Call
C1-i Black-Billed Cuckoo: Song
C1-ii Yellow-Billed Cuckoo: Songs, Call
C1-iii Mangrove Cuckoo: Song
C2-i Long-Eared Owl: Call
C2-ii Great Horned Owl: Calls
C2-iii Barred Owl: Calls
C2-iv Great Gray Owl: Call
C2-v Spotted Owl: Calls
C2-vi Eastern Screech-Owl: Trill, Call
C2-vii Western Screech-Owl: Calls, Trill
C2-viii Whiskered Screech-Owl: Calls
C2-ix Flammulated Owl: Call
C3-i Elf Owl: Calls
C3-ii Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl: Call
C3-iii Northern Pygmy-Owl: Calls
C3-iv Northern Saw-Whet Owl: Call
C3-v Boreal Owl: Call
C4-i Chuck-Will's-Widow: Song, Call
C4-ii Whip-Poor-Will: Song, Call; Eastern. Song; Southwestern
C4-iii Buff-Collared Nightjar: Song
C4-iv Common Poorwill: Song
C4-v Common Pauraque: Song
C4-vi Common Nighthawk: Call, Wing-Booming Sound
C4-vii Antillean Nighthawk: Call
C4-viii Lesser Nighthawk: Song
D1-i Broad-Billed Hummingbird: Calls
D1-ii White-Eared Hummingbird: Calls
D1-iii Black-Chinned Hummingbird: Call, Adult Male Wing Whistle, Wingbeat, Chase Notes
D1-iv Anna's Hummingbird: Male Song, Call, Wingbeat
D1-v Broad-Tailed Hummingbird: Adult Male Wing Whistle, Call, Wingbeat
D1-vi Allen's Hummingbird: Adult Male Wing Whistle, Call, Chase Notes
D2-i Downy Woodpecker: Whinny, Call, Drumming
D2-ii Hairy Woodpecker: Call, Whinny, Drumming
D2-iii Ladder-Backed Woodpecker: Whinny, Call
D2-iv Nuttall's Woodpecker: Call, Tapping, Whinny, Drumming
D3-i Cassin's Kingbird: Call, Song
D3-ii Couch's Kingbird: Songs, Calls
D3-iii Tropical Kingbird: Calls, Song
D4-i Great Crested Flycather: Calls, Chatter
D4-ii Brown-Crested Flycatcher: Song, Chatter, Calls
D4-iii Ash-Throated Flycatcher: Calls, Song
D4-iv Dusky-Capped Flycatcher: Calls
D4-v Eastern Wood-Peewee: Call, Songs, Chatter
D4-vi Western Wood-Peewee: Calls, Chatter, Songs
D4-vii Gray Flycathcer: Song
D4-viii Dusky Flycatcher: Song, Call
D4-ix Hammond's Flycatcher: Song
E1-i Least Flycatcher: Song, Call
E1-ii Acadian Flycatcher: Song, Chatter, Calls
E1-iii Willow Flycatcher: Song, Call
E1-iv Alder Flycatcher: Song, Calls
E1-v Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher: Song, Calls
E1-vi Western Flycatcher: Songs, Call; Pacific Coast. Song, Chatter; Rockies
E1-vii Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet: Song, Call
E2-i Scrub Jay: Calls
E2-ii Gray-Breasted Jay: Call
E2-iii American Crow: Call
E2-iv Fish Crow: Call
E2-v Mexican Crow: Bullfroglike Call
E2-vi Chihuahuan Raven: Call
E2-vii Common Raven: Call
E3-i Black-Capped Chickadee: Song, Calls
E3-ii Carolina Chickadee: Songs, Calls
E3-iii Chestnut-Backed Chickadee: Song, Call
E3-iv Boreal Chickadee: Calls
E3-v Siberian Tit: Calls
E3-vi White-Breasted Nuthatch: Song, Call
E3-vii Red-Breasted Nuthatch: Calls
E3-viii Pygmy Nuthatch: Calls
E3-ix Brown-Headed Nuthatch: Calls
F1-i Carolina Wren: Calls, Songs
F1-ii Marsh Wren: Song
F1-iii Sedge Wren: Call, Song
F1-iv Canyon Wren: Song, Call
F2-i Arctic Warbler: Song, Call
F2-ii Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher: Calls, Song
F2-iii Black-Tailed Gnatcatcher: Calls; Southwestern Desert. Mewing Call; California Coast
F3-i Wood Thrush: Song, Call
F3-ii Veery: Song, Call
F3-iii Gray-Cheeked Thrush: Song, Call
F3-iv Swainson's Thrush: Song, Calls
F3-v Hermit Thrush: Song, Calls
F3-vi American Robin: Song, Calls
F4-i Northern Mockingbird: Song
F4-ii Brown Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-iii Curve-Billed Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-iv Bendire's Thrasher: Song
F4-v California Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-vi Crissal Thrasher: Song, Call
F4-vii Water Pipit: Calls, Song
F4-viii Sprague's Pipit: Song, Call
G1-i Black-Capped Vireo: Song
G1-ii White-Eyed Vireo: Songs
G1-iii Bell's Vireo: Song
G1-iv Hutton's Vireo: Songs, Call
G1-v Gray Vireo: Song
G1-vi Solitary Vireo: Song; Pacific Coast. Song; Eastern
G1-vii Red-Eyed Vireo: Song
G1-viii Philadelphia Vireo: Song
G1-ix Warbling Vireo: Song
G2-i Bachman's Warbler: Songs
G2-ii Mourning Warbler: Songs, Call
G2-iii Connecticut Warbler: Song
G2-iv Kentucky Warbler: Song, Call
G2-v Louisiana Waterthrush: Song, Call
G2-vi Northern Waterthrush: Song, Call
G3-i Brown Towhee: Song, Call; Southwestern Interior. Call, Song; Pacific Coast
G3-ii Albert's Towhee: Song, Call
G3-iii Grasshopper Sparrow: Song, Call
G3-iv Baird's Sparrow: Song
H1-i Bachman's Sparrow: Song
H1-ii Botteri's Sparrow: Song
H1-iii Cassin's Sparrow: Song
H1-iv Chestnut-Collared Longspur: Song, Rattle Call
H1-v McCown's Longspur: Song, Calls
H1-vi Smith's Longspur: Song, Rattle Call
H1-vii Lapland Longspur: Song, Calls
H2-i Eastern Meadowlark: Song, Calls
H2-ii Western Meadowlark: Song, Calls
H2-iii Red-Winged Blackbird: Song, Calls
H2-iv Tricolored Blackbird: Calls, Song
H3-i Scott's Oriole: Song
H3-ii Orchard Oriole: Call, Song
H3-iii Hooded Oriole: Calls, Song
H3-iv Scarlet Tanager: Song, Call
H3-v Summer Tanager: Song, Call
H3-vi Hepatic Tanager: Song, Call
H4-i Red Crossbill: Calls
H4-ii Common Redpoll: Calls
H4-iii Purple Finch: Calls, Song
H4-iv Cassin's Finch: Song
H4-v House Finch: Song, Call

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Released by National Georgraphic Society - Book Service Division

Manufactured by Eva-Tone Soundsheets, Inc., Clearwater, Florida.

Printed in U.S.A.
Copyright (C) 1983 National Geographic Society

Sleeve is a Unipack Gatefold style.

Included with the book The Wonder Of Birds. (First edition: 250,000 copies)

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): EV-A-831581AXST_ 1~2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): EV-A-831581BXST_ 1~6
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C): EV-831582AXST'_ 2-6
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D): EV-A-831582BXST_ 1~6
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E): EV-831583AXST'_ 1~3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F): EV-831583BXST'_ 1~4
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G): EV-831584AXST'_ 2~7
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H): EV-831584BXST'_ 1-6



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May 10, 2016

The National Geographic Society Guide To Bird Sounds - Does what it says on the tin!