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Earthquakes Around The World
A1 California, Mexico, Hawaii, Madagascar, Kern County
A2 Original Motion San Clemente
A3 Recitation Including Unedited Kern County Aftershocks
Ionospheric Disturbances (Ionospheric Swishes, Whistlers, Tweeks, Etc., The Dawn Chorus)
B1.1 Intro: Dawn Chorus With Whistlers
B1.2 Swish, Whistler
B1.3 Swish (Double)
B1.4 Whistler
B1.5 Rising Whistle, Swish
B1.6 Wandering Whistle Same Speed; Half Speed
B1.7 Tweek
B1.8 Pop, Same Speed; Half Speed
B1.9 Dawn Chorus
B1.10 Multiple Swishes
B1.11 Swish
B2 Dawn Chorus
B3 Swishes, Tweeks
B4.1 Unusual Whistles
B4.2 Half Speed Ascending Whistles Of (13)
B4.3 Loud Whistlers
B5 Half Speed Swish

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Track A2: "Motion of the phonograph arm is not necessarily identical with original earth motion, is more than occurred at Pasadena; however motion originated from direct amplification of original tape signals. Any audible sound here will be from the skipping of grooves by the arm and cartridge" and "Skipping is intentional and indigenous to the nature of the subject matter."

Side A recorded at Pasadena.

Shocks in order of occurence on Side A: 1. San Clemente Island (Off California Coast), December 26, 1951; tape speed x750; magnitude 5.75*; 2. Aftershocks Of Destructive Arvin-Tehachapi Earthquake, Kern Co., California (Bakersfield, Et Al.), July 21, 1952; magnitude 7.75*; speed x750; 3. Epicenter Indian Ocean About 900 Miles S.E. Madagascar, December 8, 1951; magnitude 7.75*; speed x750; 4. Small California Quake With Three Aftershocks, June 25, 1951; magnitude 4.6*; speed x750, x375, x187; 5. Oxaca, Mexico, December 12, 1951; magnitude 7*; speed x750; 6. 1 Repeated; 7. Hawaii, August 21, 1951; magnitude 6.75*; x750; 8. 1 and 7 x750; 9. 1, 7 and 3 x750; 10. 1, 7 and 3) x375.

The number 13 in the title of track B4.2 refers to track B4.1.

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