No Artist ‎– Sound Effects No. 17 - Birds And Other Sounds Of The Countryside

BBC Records ‎– REC 299
Vinyl, LP, Mono


Towns And Suburbs
A1a House Sparrows (All Seasons) 1:58
A1b Suburban Birds (Thrush, Robin, Sparrow, Starling) (Oct.-Feb.) 2:04
A1c Black-headed Gulls At Park Lake (Sept.-Mar.) 1:15
A1d Blackbirds And Sparrows (Late Feb.-Early July) 1:14
A1e Robin Song (Aug.-Feb.) 0:51
Farms, Fields And Hedgerow
A2a Mistle Thrush Song (Late Dec.-Early June) 1:26
A2b Slylark Aerial Song (Jan.-July; Late Sept.-Early Nov.) 0:50
A2c Rookery And Bird Song (Late Mar.-June) 1:03
A2d Sheep, Lambs, Birds And Stream (Spring) 1:15
A2e Swallows In Chorus (Late Summer And Autumn) 0:48
A2f Ploughing With Herring Gulls Calling (Winter) 1:13
River, Freshwater Marsh, Fee And Lake
A3a Mallard Ducks And Drakes (Autumn-Spring) 1:12
A3b Lake With Waterbirds And Wind In Reeds (Winter) 1:37
A3c Frogs And Toads (Spring) 1:22
A3d Sedge Warbler And Other Birds (April-July) 1:18
Sea Coast
A4a Ectuary Or Mudflats With Gulls And Wading Birds (Autumn-Spring) 2:41
A4b Northern Ectuary With Eiders, Terns And Gulls (Summer) 0:54
A4c Sandy Beaches And Coast With Common Terns (Summer) 1:15
A4d Rocky Islands And Sea-cliffs With Herring Gulls, Kittiwakes And Rock Pipit (Mar.-July) 1:09
Lowland Broad-Leaved Woods And Forest
B1a Autumn Bird Song; Great Tits (Late Aug.-Late Oct.) 0:58
B1b Spring Bird Songs; Resident Birds Only (Feb.-Late Mar.) 2:31
B1c Song Thrush And Blackbird (Feb.-Early July) 1:16
B1d Southern Woodland Chorus (south Of Yorks And East Of Severn Estuary) (Late April-Mid June) 1:58
B1e Cuckoo And Other Birds (Mid April-June) 0:38
B1f Late Summer Chorus With Wren, Woodpigeon, Jackdaw, Moorhen (July-Mid Aug.) 1:25
Highland Pine Forest And Lakeside
B2a Sheep And Birds (Chaffinch, Coat Tit, Willow Warbler) (Late April-July) 2:14
B2b Bird Calls By Forest Lakeside (Mid April-July) 2:17
B2c Dusk With Tawny Owl, Blackbird, Robin And Running Stream (Mar.-Early July) 1:24
Conifer Plantation
B3a Goldcrest Song. Mature Plantations (Feb.-July) 1:30
B3b Bird Songs With Claffinch, Coal Tit, Woodpigeon, Wren. Mature Plantations (Feb.-July) 1:23
B3c Solo Song Thrush. Plantations 7-14 Years Old (Nov.-July) 1:36
B3d Willow Warblers In Song. Plantations 4-15 Years Old (april-July) 1:03
Mountains And Moorland
B4a Pink-Footed Geese (N.E. England And Scotland) (Sept.-April) 1:24
B4b Moorland With Rain, Wind, Crows And Distant Geese (Location As For Previous Cut) (Sept.-April) 0:50
B4c Red Grouse Duet (Moors In Western And Northern British Isles) (Nov. & March-June) 1:40
B4d Golden Plover: Chorus (High Moors In N. And W.Britain) (April-July) 0:30
B4e Golden Plover: Single Male (April-July) 0:33