No Artist ‎– Sound Effects No. 5

BBC Records ‎– RED 105M
Vinyl, LP, Mono


A1a Door Opens & Closes 0:04
A1b Two Doors Open & Close 0:06
A1c Sliding Window Opened & Shut 0:06
A1d Trafficator 0:18
A1e Start, Tickover, Switch-Off 0:27
A1f Start, Depart 0:29
A1g Running Over Rough Ground 1:10
A1h Passing 0:42
A1i Reversing, Switch Off 0:30
A1j Approach & Stop 0:32
A2a Start, Steady Run On Truck Road, Stop 1:17
A2b Start, Medium-Fast Run, With Gear Changes 1:30
A2c Labouring Uphill 0:50
A3a Door Opened & Closed 0:08
A3b 3 False Starts 0:16
A3c Self-Starter, Tickover 0:25
A3d Self-Starter, Depart 0:28
A3e Self-Starter, Constant Run, Stop 1:41
A3f Approach & Pass 0:22
A3g Self-Starter, Runs In Traffic 1:15
A3h Approach & Stop 0:15
A3i Reversing 0:32
A3j Approach & Stop 0:16
A4a Provisions Warehouse, With Rumble Of Iron-Wheeled Barrow 1:20
A4b Loading Bay Outside Warehouse 1:20
A4c Transport Depot Repair Shop 1:20
A5a Electric Fork-Lift Truck 1:05
A5b Diesel Fork-Lift 1:10
A5c 25-Ton Mobile Crane 1:25
A5d Old-Type Electric Crane 1:25
B1a Transport Cafe, General Atmosphere 1:25
B1b Ball Round 3 Times 1:15
B1c Jackpot 0:08
B1d Fruit Machine 0:38
B1e Beverages 0:29
B1f Sandwiches 0:08
B1g Background Hum Of Machine 0:26
B1h 1d, Chocolate Machine 0:07
B1i 6d, Chocolate Machine 0:07
B1j Cigarette Machine 0:13
B2a False Starts 0:08
B2b Start, Tickover, Switch Off 0:26
B2c Start & Depart 0:20
B2d Start, Revving, Depart At Speed 0:29
B2e Start Medium-Speed Run, Stop 1:14
B2f Passing At Speed 0:20
B2g Approach, Stop, Switch Off 0:18
B2h Approach, Turn, Stop, Switch Off 0:23
B2i Machines Revving 0:45
B2j Machines Departing 0:30
B2k Machines Approach & Stop 1:03
B3a One Door Open & Close 0:05
B3b Two Doors Open & Close 0:08
B3c Windscreen Wipers 0:30
B3d Car Heater Blower 0:30
B3e False Starts 0:23
B3f Start, Tickover, Depart 0:35
B3g Start, Fast Run, Stop 1:28
B3h Passing At Speed 0:30
B3i Approach & Stop 0:39
B4a London Traffic (Knightsbridge) 1:20
B4b Traffic In Road Tunnel 1:10
B4c Traffic Entering & Leaving Road Tunnel 0:50
B5a Traffic In Provincial Town 1:20
B5b Traffic On M1 Motorway 1:20



Records 1 and 2 in this series of LPs offer a wide variety of those sound effects most frequently in demand. In subsequent editions the intention has been to develop a particular theme such as Seafaring (No. 3), Victorian Atmosphere (No. 4) and in this record, Road Transport.

In many cases it will be found that one record will complement another.

There is a 6 - 8 second interval between each band and 2 - 5 seconds between each sound.

Record co-ordinated by John Priest.
Printed and made by the E.J. Day Group, London and Bedford.

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
RED 105 No Artist Sound Effects No. 5(LP, RP, W/Lbl) BBC Records And Tapes RED 105 UK 1976 Sell This Version
RED 105M No Artist Sound Effects No. 5(LP, Mono, RE) BBC Records And Tapes RED 105M UK Unknown Sell This Version
MLP 42.080 No Artist Sound Effects No. 5(LP, Mono) Magazine (2) MLP 42.080 Brazil 1971 Sell This Version