No Artist ‎– Sound Effects: U.S. Air Force Firepower

Audio Fidelity ‎– DFS 7012
Vinyl, LP, Stereo


A1 Sonic Boom: F-104 "Starfighter" 0:09
A2 Massed Strafing Runs By F-100's 0:34
A3 RB-66 Photo Reconnaissance Fly-By (Photo-Flash Cartridge Drop) 0:22
A4 F-100 "Super Sabres" Drop 500 Lb. Bombs (Ground Bursts) 0:53
A5 F-100's Drop Bombs In Support Mission (Ground Bursts) 0:46
A6 F-100's Fire Mixed Loads Of Rockets At Ground Targets 0:51
A7 F-105 "Thunderchiefs" Strafe Ground Target With "Vulcan" 20MM Automatic Cannons (Ground Bursts) 0:13
A8 F-100 Bombing Runs (Ground Bursts) 0:44
A9 Radar-Aimed High Altitude Bombing Run By F-105's 0:13
A10 F-105 Fighter-Bombers Drop 500 Lb. Bombs (Ground Bursts) 0:21
A11 Air Controller Directs Tactical Air Command Strike By F-100's 0:34
A12 F-100's In Napalm Bomb Attack On Ground Target 0:20
A13 F-100's Strafe Ground Targets With 20MM Cannons 1:41
A14 Mass Napalm Attack By F-100's (Ground Bursts) 0:20
A15 F-101 "Voodoo", F-102 "Delta Dart", F-106 "Delta Dagger" Intercept Three B-57 "Canberra" Bombers 0:25
A16 Low Level Bombing Run, Two F-100's 0:11
A17 F-100 Launches "Bull Pup" Missile 0:10
A18 Four F-101's Fire (MB-IT) "Genie" Rockets (Air Bursts) 0:12
B1 Nuclear Bomb Explosion, Yucca Flat, Nevada 0:44
B2 Simulated Nuclear Bomb Drop By F-105 0:15
B3 Jet Fighters Taking Off (After Burners) 0:43
B4 F-105's Fire Rockets At Ground Target (Ground Bursts) 1:08
B5 Fly-By: B-28, T20A, C-47 0:43
B6 B 52's Starting Engines 0:40
B7 B 52's Taxiing 0:34
B8 B 52's Taking Off 1:33
B9 Gatling Gun (Spanish-American War) 0:10
B10 30 Caliber Machine Gun (WW II) 0:10
B11 50 Caliber Machine Gun (WW II) 0:07
B12 20MM (M39) Automatic Cannon 0:06
B13 20 MM Vulcan "Gatling Gun" Type Aircraft Cannon 0:05
B14 Psychological Warfare, Public Address From C-47 0:27
B15 Three F-106's Destroy Drone Target With (GAR-4A) "Falcon" Missiles 0:21
B16 Four F-102's Fire Salvo Of 2.75 Rockets (Air Bursts) 0:09
B17 F-104 "Starfighter" Destroys (HVAR) Target Rocket With 5-Inch (GAR-8) "Sidewinder" Millisles (Air Bursts) 0:21
B18 B 52 Launches (GAM-77) "Hound Dog" Missile 0:17
B19 C-130 "Hercules" Troop Transport, Assault Landing 0:21
B20 C-130 Makes Rocket-Assisted Take-Off 0:18



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September 29, 2014

I like to play the "Gatling Gun" track for my roommate at 6 in the morning. Super realistic sound.