No Artist ‎– Spectacular Sound Effects (Album Two Of Two Album Set)

EMI ‎– THIS 35
Vinyl, LP, Mono, Compilation, Album


Space Ships
A1 Take Off 0:40
A2 Rising & Falling 0:40
A3 Continuous Vibration 0:40
A4 Low Hum With Tick 0:35
A5 Low Hum With Burst Of Air 0:30
Steam Trains
A6 Steam Express Passing At Speed, Sounding Whistle 0:24
A7 Steam Train Arriving At Country Station, Doors Slam, Guards Whistle, Train Leaves 1:13
A8 Good's Train Passing Slowly 1:00
A9 Narrow Gauge Railway - Journey From Carriage 1:00
A10 Narrow Gauge Train Arriving At Platform 0:54
A11 Express Passing 0:35
A12 Express Train Crash 1:00
Diesel Trains
A13 Diesel Train Passing At Speed, Sounding Horn 0:21
A14 Diesel Train Leaving Main Line Station 0:55
A15 Diesel Train Entering Main Line Station 1:20
A16 Two-Car Diesel Train Arrives In Country Station, Ticks Over And Departs, Sounds Horn 1:37
A17 Inside Carriage, Steady Wheel Rhythm 1:40
Underground Train
A18 Tube Arriving At Station, Doors Opening & Shutting, Then Departing 1:16
Electric Train
A19 Arrival & Departure Of Electric Train With Compressor 1:20
A20 Electric Train Journey From Compartment 1:24
Gun & Pistol Shots
A21 15 Various Effects (Single & Dual) Lasting Approximately 2 Seconds Each 0:30
A22 Gun Battle 0:50
A23 Gun Battle (Six Shots) 0:28
Country Sounds
A24 A Countryside Montage, Birds, Bees, Etc. 1:30
A25 Village Scene With Animals, Children Playing In The Distance, Chrurch Bells 2:00
A26 Effects Of Falling Debris, Demoltion, Explosion 1 0:16
A27 Effects Of Falling Debris, Demoltion, Explosion 2 0:18
A28 Effects Of Falling Debris, Demoltion, Explosion 3 0:20
A29 Effects Of Falling Debris, Demoltion, Explosion With Fire Or Water 0:50
A30 Workmen Hammering 0:41
A31 Glass Crashing 0:02
A32 Glass Crashing 0:07
Telephone Bell
A33 Telephone Ringing 0:33
A34 Dialling 0:14
Children & Baby
A35 Young Children At Play 0:55
A36 Children Playing Out Of Doors 1:00
A37 Children In Playground 0:45
A38 Children In Swimming Pool 0:45
A39 Baby Crying 0:55
B1 Excited Applause - Outdoors 0:15
B2 Girls Screaming & Applauding 0:40
B3 Theatre Applause With Curtain Coming Down (As Heard From The Auditorium) 0:29
B4 Concert Hall Audience Applauding With Shouts Of Encore 0:45
B5 Continuous Laughter With A Medium-Sized Audience Ending In Applause 1:00
B6 Large Audience Laughing, Ending By Applauding 0:50
B7 Murmur Of Theatre Audience 0:27
B8 Dawn Chorus 2:00
B9 Nightingale 0:45
B10 Owls (Barn & Screech) 0:48
B11 Skylark Hovering 0:47
B12 Wood Pigeon 0:28
B13 Song Thrush 0:49
B14 Blackbird 0:50
B15 Robin 0:45
B16 Swallows (With Cuckoo In Background) 0:48
B17 Swifts - Screaming In Flight 0:45
B18 Budgerigar (In Aviary) 0:45
B19 Seagulls 1:00
B20 Approach & Skid 0:22
B21 Car Crash 0:20
B22 Trying To Put The Car In Gear 0:20
B23 Door Slams, Engine Starts, Car Departs 0:30
B24 Car Driving Past 0:21
B25 Car Horn 0:06
B26 Car Journey From Interior (Door Opens, Slams, Engine Starts, Then Departs) 1:36
B27 Car Passing, Sounding Horn With Doppler Effect 0:09
B28 Ship's Siren 0:08
B29 Passengers Embarking (Dockside Noises In Background) 0:46
B30 Aeroplane Passing Overhead (Propeller Plane) 0:45
B31 Nose Dive, Crash And Fire 1:00
B32 Jet Taxying, Rev Up, Take Off And Passing 1:30
B33 Jet Passing Overhead 0:27
B34 Jet Landing 0:28
B35 Jet Taxying To Or From Apron, Engine Run Down 1:30
B36 Jet Interior During Flight 0:40
B37 Airport Terminal (General Sounds And Activity) 1:00
B38 Turbo Prop Take Off 0:52
B39 Piston Engine Plane Passing Overhead 0:45
Fanfares For Shakespearian And Other Plays
B40 Flourish 0:11
B41 Sennet 0:25
B42 Alarm 0:15
B43 Royal Flourish 0:32
B44 March 0:56
B45 Retreat 0:09
B46 Parley 0:11



(P) 1961: A1 to A5, A11, A12, A21 to A23, A26 to A34, A39, B1, B8 to B10, B20, B21, B30, B31
(P) 1967: A6 to A10, A13 to A20, A24, A25, A35 to A38, B11 to B19, B22 to B29, B32 to B39
(P) 1968: B2 to B7
(P) 1964: B40 to B46
Original sound recordings made by EMI Records Ltd.
This compilation (P) 1981 by EMI Records Ltd.
Timings approximate

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