No Artist ‎– The Mighty U.S. Armed Forces Sound Effects In Action!

Audio Fidelity ‎– 50-2001
3 × Vinyl, LP, Box Set


U.S. Air Force Fire Power
A1 Somic Boom: F-104 "Starfighter" 0:09
A2 Massed Strafing Runs By F-100's 0:34
A3 RB-66 Photo Reconnaissance Fly-By (Photo-Flash Cartridge Drop) 0:22
A4 F-100 "Super Sabre" Drop 500 Lb. Bombs (Ground Bursts) 0:53
A5 F-100's Drop Bombs In Support Mission (Ground Bursts) 0:46
A6 F-100's Fire Mixed Loads Of Rockets At Ground Targets 0:51
A7 F-105 "Thunderchiefs" Strafe Ground Target With "Vulcan" 20MM Automatic Cannons (Ground Bursts) 0:13
A8 F-100 Bombing Runs (Ground Bursts) 0:44
A9 Radar-Aimed High Altitude Bombing Run By F-105's 0:13
A10 F-105 Fighter-Bomber Drop 500 Lb. Bombs (Ground Bursts) 0:21
A11 Air Controlled Directs Tactical Air Command Strike By F-100's 0:34
A12 F-100's In Napalm Bomb Attack On Ground Target 0:20
A13 F-100's Strafe Ground Targets With 20MM Cannons 1:41
A14 Mass Napalm Attack By F-100's (Ground Bursts) 0:20
A15 F-101 "Voodoo", F-102 "Delta Dart", F-106 "Delta Dagger" Intercept Three B-67 "Canberra" Bombers 0:25
A16 Low Level Bombing Run, Two F-100's 0:11
A17 F-100 Launches "Bull Pup" Missile 0:10
A18 Four F-100's Fire (MB-IT) "Genie Rockets" (Air Bursts) 0:12
B1 Nuclear Bomb Explosion, Yucca Flat, Nevada 0:44
B2 Simulated Nuclear Bomb Drop By F-105 1:05
B3 Jet Fighters Taking Off (After Burners) 0:43
B4 F-105's Fire Rockets At Ground Traget (Ground Bursts) 1:08
B5 Fly-By: B-28, T20, C-47 0:43
B6 B 52's Starting Engines 0:40
B7 B 52's Taxing 0:34
B8 B 52's Taking Off 1:33
B9 Gatling Gun (Spanish-American War) 0:10
B10 30 Caliber Machine Gun (WW II) 0:10
B11 50 Caliber Machine Gun (WW II) 0:07
B12 20 MM (M39) Automatic Cannon 0:06
B13 20 MM Vulcan "Gatling Gun" Type Aircraft Cannon 0:05
B14 Psychological Warfare, Public Address From C-47 0:27
B15 Three F-106's Destroy Drone Target With (GAR-4A) "Falcon" Missle 0:21
B16 Four F-102's Fire Salvo Of 2.75 Rockets (Air Bursts) 0:09
B17 F-104 "Starfighter" Destroys (HVAR) Target Rocket With 5-Inch (GAR-8) "Sidewinder" Missles (Air Bursts) 0:21
B18 B 52 Launches (GAM-77) "Hound Dog" Missile 0:17
B19 C-130 "Hercules" Troop Transport, Assault Landing 0:21
B20 C-130 Makes Rocket-Assisted Take-Off 0:18
Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
C1 Raising Anchor 0:36
C2 Nuclear Reactor Room Siren 0:18
C3 Nuclear Propulsion Unit, Turbine 0:20
Carrier Deck Landings, Prop Planes (2:04)
C4a "Wave Off"
C4b AD- "Skyraider" Lands And Taxies
C4c Announcment By "Air Boss"
C4d "FUD" Prop Lands And Taxies
C4e "SPAD" Pop Lands And Taxies
C4f Announcment By "Air Boss"
C4g Carrier Launch, Two A4D- "Skyhawk" Jets 0:51
Emergency Landing, F8U- "Crusader" Photo Reconnaissance Jet (4:28)
C5a Emergency Radio Communications
C5b Brirfing Of Deck Crew By "Air Boss"
C5c "Crusader" Lands And Taxies
Emergency Landing, F8U-"Crusader" Photo Reconnaissance Jet (4:28)
C6a Emegergency Radio Communications
C6b Briefing Of Deck Crew By "Air Boss"
C6c "Crusader" Lands And Taxes
Operations, Aressting Gear Engine Room (2:06)
C7a Instructions By Aressting Gear Officer
C7b Gear In Operation As Plane Lands
C7c Retraction Of Aressting Cable
C7d Relay Of Announcment Of "Air Boss"
C7e Landing And Retraction Of Arresting Cable
C8 Launch And "Fly-By' Of F4H- "PHANTOM" 1:14
Helicopter Operations (1:50)
C9a "Lift-Off" And "Fly-By"
C9b Hovering And Landings
C10 Jet And Prop Landings 3:45
Multiple Launch Operations (3:51)
D1a Instructions By "Air Boss"
D1b Jet And Prop Engine Starts
D1c Jet And Prop Take-Offs
A4D- "Skyhawk" Landing Sequence (1:38)
D2a Landing And Emergency Deck Handling Of "Skyhawk"
D2b "Wave-Off" Of Following "Skyhawk"
D3 Conclusion Of Jet Catapult Launch; Prop Launches With Full Deck Run
Ships Propeller Shaft (1:35)
D4a Shaft Tunnel, Steady Speed
D4b Shaft Tunnel, Accelerate
D4c Shaft Tunnel, Deccelerate
D5 Engine Room, Main Oil Lube Arm 0:30
D6 "COD" Prop Transport Lands With Nuclear Weapon 1:29
D7 Jet "Fly-By" 0:28
Deck Landings By F4H- "Phantom" Jets (2:15)
D8a Announcment By "Air Boss"
D8b "Phantom" #1 Lands And Taxes
D8c "Phantom" #2 Lands And Taxes
D8d "Phantom" #3 Lands And Taxes
D9 FOC'SLE (Forecastle) Tie-Up Operations (Wire Rope On Capstan) 0:59
D10 Diesel Tugs Warping "Enterprise" 0:30
D11 Ten Inch Manila Rope Tightening On Windlass 0:353
D12 Dropping Anchor, Resseting Pelican Hooks 1:35
Firepower And Bugle Calls
E1 Small War: Machine Guns, Hand Grenades, Troops Yelling
E2 Medium War: Machine Guns, Hand Grenades, Rifle Shots, Cannons
E3 Large War: Machine Guns, Hand Grenades, Whistling Shells, Rifles, Bombs Dropping, Jet Airplane
E4 Single Shot M-14 Rifle Loud Impact Echo Effect
E5 75mm Cannon Battery
E6 Hand Grenade Drill
E7 Loading And Ejecting 30 Cal. Machine Gun
E8 30. Cal Water-Cooled Machine Gun (1 Gun, 4 Guns, 1 Gun)
E9 M-14 Rifle Firing At Tank (Single Shot)
E10 Squad Of Soldiers Shooting M-14 Rifles (Single Shot)
E11 M-14 Rifle (Automatic Firing-Bullet Impact In Earth)
E12 M-14 Rfile (Automatic Fire)
E13 M-14 Rifle (Single Shots)
E14 Squad Shooting M-14 Rfiles (One Magazine)
E15 Infantry Yelling, Indoctrination Course
E16 2½ Ton Truck, Army (Standard Shift)
E17 ¾ Ton Truck, Army Weapons Carrier
E18 Army Jeep, M-33, 4x4
F1 First Call 0:08
F2 Reveille 0:20
F3 Assembly 0:12
F4 Sick Call 0:10
F5 Captain's Call 0:06
F6 Officer's Call 0:06
F7 Church Call 0:21
F8 Adjutant's Call 0:09
F9 Guard Mounting 0:14
F10 General 0:26
F11 To Arms 0:18
F12 Drill Call 0:07
F13 Recall 0:07
F14 Mail Call 0:08
F15 Mess Call 0:10
F16 Pay Day 0:32
F17 Boots And Saddles 0:09
F18 To Horse 0:12
F19 Attention 0:05
F20 Charge 0:05
F21 Flourishes 0:08
F22 General's March 0:18
F23 To The Color Or Standard 0:37
F24 Retreat 0:22
F25 Tattoo 0:45
F26 Taps 0:30

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