No Artist ‎– The Sound Of Combat Training

Boyd Recording Company ‎– 838B-3976
Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono


Basic Combat Training
A1 Prelude
A1a Introduction And Oath Of Enlistment
A1b Processing
A1c Briefing
A1d Clothing Issue
A1e Innoculation
A1f Testing
A2 Army Life
A2a Reveille
A2b Formations
A2c Mess Hall
A2d Dismounted Drill
A2e In-Rank Inspection
A2f Physical Training
A2g Singing Cadence
A3 Combat Training
A3a Grenade Range
A3b Hand To Hand Combat
A3c Bayonet Training
A3d Close Combat Rifle Firing
A3e Gas Chamber Exercise
A3f Infiltration Course (Overhead Machinegun Fire)
A4 Graduation
A4a Star-Spangled Banner
A4b Address And Benediction
A4c The Army Goes Rolling Along
Advanced Combat Training
B1 Prelude
B1a Gary Owen March
B1b Introduction
B2 Crew Training
B2a Tank Crew Firing 7.62 MM Machinegun, .50 Caliber Machinegun And 90 MM Tank Gun
B2b Mortar Crew Training
B3 Weapons In Training
B4 Combined Arms In The Attack
B4a Armor; Infantry; Artillery; And United States Air Force F4U Aircraft
B4b America



"This recording creates the effect of placing you in the situation that confronts the trainee."

Processed by RCA Victor Custom, Chicago, Ill.
Recorded live and on-location at the United States Army Training Center Armor, Fort Knox, Kentucky
Produced by Boyd Recording Company with the cooperation of the United States Army

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