No Artist ‎– Woodwork

Music De Wolfe ‎– DWFX LP No. 8
Vinyl, LP


A1 Pump Ratchet Screwdriver Various Screws Into Softwood At Various Speed 1:00
A2 Pump Ratchet Screwdriver Taking Out Screw 1:00
A3 Hand Screwdriver Screws Into Softwood 0:22
A4 Hand Screwdriver Screws Out Of Softwood 0:21
A5 Brace And Bit Boring A Hole Into Softwood 0:45
A6 Ratchet Hand-drill Drilling A Hole Into Softwood 0:26
A7 Small Hand-drill Drilling 8" Hole Into Softwood 0:38
A8 Wood Gauge Marking Up For Saw Cuts On Hardwood 0:39
A9 Wood Gauge Marking Up For Saw Cuts On Softwood 0:44
A10 Sawing Through Softwood With Coping Saw 0:47
A11 Sawing Through Plywood With Coping Saw 0:33
A12 Sawing Through Hardwood With 2ft. Hand Saw 0:32
A13 Sawing Through Hardwood With 14" Tenon 0:21
A14 Wood Plan On Softwood 0:43
A15 Jack Plane On Softwood 0:47
A16 Jack Plane On Hardwood - Fast 0:44
A17 Flat Faced Spoke - Shave On Hardwood 1:01
B1 Sandpapering Wood Across The Grain 0:36
B2 Sandpapering Wood With The Grain 0:39
B3 Various Pieces Of Wood Being Snapped And Thrown Onto Floor 1:50
B4 Electric Saw Sawing Through Softwood....Start....Run....Stop 0:22
B5 Electric Saw Sawing Through Hardwood....Start....Run....Stop 0:22
B6 Electric Jigaw Sawing Through Hardwood 0:14
B7 Electric Jigaw Sawing Through Softwood 0:27
B8 Electric Drill....5 Short Bursts Drilling Through Wood 0:31
B9 General Light Workshop Atmosphere....Bangs, Drill And Saw 1:48
B10 Hammering Nails Into Wood With 20oz Claw Hammer 0:53
B11 Hammering Nails Into Wall With 31/2lb Club Hammer 0:53
B12 Wood Lathe....Start Up Run Sanding Wood And Stop 1:00
B13 Wood Lathe....Start Up Run Turn Wood And Stop 2:00