Nobuo Uematsu / Masashi Hamauzu / Junya Nakano ‎– ファイナルファンタジーX オリジナル・サウンドトラック (Final Fantasy X: Original Soundtrack)

DigiCube ‎– SSCX-10054-7
4 × CD, Album

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1.01 No Artist I Would Like To Say Everything
Voice – 森田 成*
1.02 Nobuo Uematsu To Zanarkand
Piano – 森 陽子*
1.03 Nobuo Uematsu The Prelude
Remix – 野田 博郷*
1.04 Nobuo Uematsu Tidus' Theme
1.05 Nobuo Uematsu Otherworld
Bass – 平山 文昭*Drums – Chihiro TabeElectric Guitar – 釜木 茂一*Vocals – Bill Muir
1.06 Junya Nakano Hurry!
Programmed By [Synthesizer Programmer] – 石元 丈晴*
1.07 Junya Nakano This Is Your Story
1.08 Junya Nakano Ominous
1.09 Nobuo Uematsu Victory Fanfare
1.10 Nobuo Uematsu Game Over
1.11 Nobuo Uematsu Hopeless Desire
1.12 Nobuo Uematsu Vamo' Alla Flamenco
1.13 Junya Nakano Underground Activities
1.14 Junya Nakano Underwater Ruins
1.15 Nobuo Uematsu Al Bhed Tribe's Chi
1.16 Junya Nakano Enemy Attack
1.17 Nobuo Uematsu Blitz Ball Gamblers
1.18 Masashi Hamauzu Bisaido Island
1.19 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu The Sight Of Spira
1.20 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer
1.21 Junya Nakano Fantasy
1.22 Nobuo Uematsu Between Ordeals
1.23 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Valfor
1.24 Junya Nakano Summoned
1.25 Nobuo Uematsu Daughter Of The Great Summoner Warrior
1.26 Nobuo Uematsu Good Night
2.01 Nobuo Uematsu & Junya Nakano Yuna's Theme
2.02 Nobuo Uematsu Sprouting
2.03 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Warping To A Different Dimension
2.04 Nobuo Uematsu Silence Before The Storm
2.05 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Ifrit
2.06 Junya Nakano Luka
2.07 Junya Nakano Welcome Elder Sage Mica
2.08 Junya Nakano Inflexible Determination
2.09 Masashi Hamauzu The Splendid Performance
2.10 Masashi Hamauzu Confrontation
2.11 Masashi Hamauzu Blitz Off
2.12 Nobuo Uematsu Auron's Theme
2.13 Nobuo Uematsu Mi'ihen Highway
2.14 Nobuo Uematsu Brass De Chocobo
2.15 Masashi Hamauzu Traveling Company
2.16 Nobuo Uematsu Permitted Transit
2.17 Nobuo Uematsu Seymour's Theme
2.18 Junya Nakano Twilight
2.19 Nobuo Uematsu Joze Temple
2.20 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Ixion
2.21 Nobuo Uematsu Ciparf Riding?
2.22 Nobuo Uematsu Rikku's Theme
2.23 Junya Nakano Guadsalam
3.01 Masashi Hamauzu Thunder Plateau
3.02 Nobuo Uematsu Jekt's Theme
Acoustic Guitar – 赤松 智*, 関戸 剛*
3.03 Masashi Hamauzu Makalanya Forest
3.04 Junya Nakano Fog Sea
3.05 Junya Nakano Temple Band
3.06 Nobuo Uematsu Seymour's Ambition
3.07 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Shiva
3.08 Junya Nakano Those Who Come Closer
3.09 Masashi Hamauzu Scorching Desert
3.10 Masashi Hamauzu Crisis
3.11 Nobuo Uematsu Revealed Truth
3.12 Masashi Hamauzu Start
3.13 Masashi Hamauzu Wedding
3.14 Masashi Hamauzu Attack
3.15 Masashi Hamauzu Tragedy
3.16 Masashi Hamauzu I Can Fly
3.17 Nobuo Uematsu Path Of Repentance
3.18 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Bahamut
3.19 Masashi Hamauzu Time Of Judgement
3.20 Nobuo Uematsu My Father's Murderer
3.21 Nobuo Uematsu Suteki Da Ne
Vocals – RIKKI*
4.01 Nobuo Uematsu & Junya Nakano Yuna's Determination
4.02 Nobuo Uematsu Lulu's Theme
4.03 Nobuo Uematsu Brave Advancement
4.04 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Bodyguard
4.05 Masashi Hamauzu People Of The North Pole
4.06 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Ronzo Tribe
4.07 Masashi Hamauzu Wandering Flame
4.08 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Someday The Dream Will End
4.09 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Yuna Reska
4.10 Masashi Hamauzu Challenge
4.11 Masashi Hamauzu To The End Of The Abyss
4.12 Junya Nakano Darkness
4.13 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Spira
4.14 Nobuo Uematsu The Deceased Laugh
4.15 Nobuo Uematsu Seymour Battle
4.16 Nobuo Uematsu & Masashi Hamauzu Song Of Prayer - Anima
4.17 Junya Nakano Summoned Beast Battle
4.18 Masashi Hamauzu Decisive Battle
4.19 Nobuo Uematsu Ending Theme
4.20 No Artist Please Remember
Voice – 青木 麻由子*
4.21 Nobuo Uematsu Suteki Da Ne (Orchestral Version)
Vocals – RIKKI*

Companies, etc.



Original Soundtrack.

Total runing times:
Disc 1 (1:06:37)
Disc 2 (1:04:05)
Disc 3 (1:00:41)
Disc 4 (1:14:51)

Suteki da ne? is the japanese for Isn't it Beautiful?

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 4 517331 100546
  • Barcode (String): 4517331100546



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May 12, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
I'll put it simple: this is a life-changing soundtrack from a life-changing game.

Go buy the game, play it and listen to the music, beat it and then buy the soundtrack.

Your soul will change from an experience that you will never forget.
14 years have been past since I played the game the first time and my feelings towards this masterpiece are stronger than ever.