Nobuo Uematsu ‎– Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version



Opening Theme 4:16
The Mines Of Narshe 2:50
Awakening 1:42
Locke 2:01
Battle Theme 2:00
Fanfare 0:41
Edgar & Sabin 2:32
Kefka 2:43
Mt. Koltz 2:31
Returners 2:43
Shadow 1:53
Troops March On 1:56
Cyan 2:21
The Unforgiven 1:23
The Mystic Forest 3:17
Mystery Train 2:49
Wild West 2:17
Gau 1:50
The Serpent Trench 2:07
Kids Run Through The City Corner 2:42
Under Martial Law 2:26
Celes 2:56
Save Them! 1:57
The Decisive Battle 1:59
Metamorphosis 1:25
Terra 3:50
Coin Song 3:15
Techno de Chocobo 1:35
Forever Rachel 2:49
Slam Shuffle 2:20
Spinach Rag 0:41
Opera - Overture 4:46
Opera - Aria de Mezzo Carattere 3:56
Opera - The Wedding Waltz/Duel 4:01
Opera - Grand Finale? 3:14
Setzer 1:55
Johnny C. Bad 2:54
The Empire "Gestahl" 3:11
Devil's Lab 2:32
Blackjack 2:32
?? 1:07
Mog 1:55
Strago 2:29
Relm 2:54
Another World Of Beasts 2:37
New Continent 2:27
Catastrophe 2:15
The Fierce Battle 2:35
Rest In Peace 0:29
Dark World 3:04
The Day After 2:14
Searching Friends 2:56
Gogo 2:10
Epitaph 2:50
The Magic House 2:32
Umaro 1:54
Fanatics 1:47
Last Dungeon 2:49
Dancing Mad 17:34
Ending Theme 21:35
The Prelude 2:21


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April 24, 2017
referencing Final Fantasy VI: Original Soundtrack Remaster Version, 3xCD, Album, RM, SQEX-10387~9
It should be noted the slip case that's pictured above only comes with the initial pressing.


January 17, 2010
referencing Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version, 3xCD, PSCN-5001-3

This is a brilliant game; as nerdy as it sounds, if I were to nominate a 'best ever' game release, it'd be this.

And one thing that makes this game even better than fantastic is the music. Uematsu's ridiculous skill of disregarding the issues and limitations of video game technology (back then) is in fine form here. His earlier soundtracks are all pretty good, some missfires here and there, but one is a defining cornerstone in his career.

I have to give this piece a 4.5 more accurately, however, for the occasional dull patch, and the awful 'opera' scores (no matter how he tried, 'voice' electronic programming back then sounded nothing like human vocal chords, and are totally outdated and cheesy). Also, the booklet could've used a little more effort for such a grand release. Still, it's an awesome soundtrack that fans of game/ambient/electronic music should get into.