Noddy Holder ‎– Pepsi Anthem (Tear Into The Weekend)

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Cassette, Promo


1 Pepsi Anthem (Tear Into The Weekend) 2:35


Cassette was sent to Canadian radio stations in 1988 as a Pepsi commercial. Copy has 'Abbey Road' logo and address on insert.
"This copy by: Brian Fifield" an engineer at Abbey Road Studios.

From a Noddy Holder fan club interview - dated 20th April 1988:

Having said goodbye to the new fans, I asked Nod if he had been doing anything of interest recently?

"Apart from the two BBC shows ('Pop score' and 'Back to square one'), I've recently recorded a song [which later turned
out to be TEAR INTO THE WEEKEND] for a radio advert with Pepsi Cola. It had already been written and they asked
me to put the vocal to it. It is a rock'n'roll type tune in the 'Mama weer all crazee now' mould."

How did they approach you to do it?

"I got a phone call out of the blue, they sent me the lyric and offered me some nice money, so I couldn't refuse!"

Why did they particularly pick you?

"Some guy in their production team was a fan in the seventies, and remembering the voice, thought I would fit the bill."

When will it be heard?

"It has been specifically made for the US and Canadian markets. if they should decide to go ahead with it, it will
probably be broadcast within the next three months."

How long did you take to record it?

"It didn't take very long at all. In fact I went into the Redwood Studios in London and put my vocal to a backing track
that had already been pre-recorded. As I was leaving, some session backing singers came in to finish it off."

Were you pleased with the result?

"I haven't actually heard the finished product yet, although it seemed pretty good at the time."