Nomenmortis / Cruent ‎– Hail Nemesis / Deviant and Torture

Grodhaisn Productions ‎– Grodhaisn025
CD, Album


1 Nomenmortis Tempus Odii (Intro)
2 Nomenmortis Prophecy of Imperial Collapse
3 Nomenmortis Berserksgangr at the Dawn of Extinction
4 Nomenmortis Blaspheme the Deities of Weak
5 Nomenmortis Short Essay on Modern Extreme
6 Nomenmortis Stift Rampage
7 Nomenmortis Last Night Alive
8 Nomenmortis Broken Mass of Screaming Flesh
9 Nomenmortis Today Me, Tomorrow You
10 Nomenmortis Sawney’s Cave
11 Nomenmortis Insomnia (Blood cover) (bonus track)
12 Cruent Dead Slimy Step
13 Cruent Albert's Dinner
14 Cruent Rotting Lukas Is Coming
15 Cruent Leather Coat of Pussy Skin
16 Cruent Flambed Child Torzo
17 Cruent Morning Toothpaste Vomiting
18 Cruent Benedikt Is Gay
19 Cruent John Paul Is Dead
20 Cruent Pussyscar
21 Cruent Meatlicking Hobby
22 Cruent Connected by Vibrator
23 Cruent Femme Fekale
24 Cruent Slaughter Brothers
25 Cruent Bloody Regurgitation
26 Cruent Onany over Female Corpses
27 Cruent Michal Gučik Smashed by Plow
28 Cruent Necrotech Makes Zombie