Non State Actors ‎– Dance Music For The Condopocalypse

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12 × File, FLAC
2 × CDr, Comes with the album on one disc. Unreleased tracks, instrumentals, remixes etc. on the other disc.

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01 Traffic 05:37
02 Train Whistles And Ghosts [If The Night Belongs To Lovers] 04:10
03 Maybe The World, Probably America, Definitely The Rust Belt 05:22
04 Coast To Coast A.M. 07:21
05 When A Dollar's Too Much To Spare 04:47
06 Engines Run On Sin 04:43
07 Unneeded Unwanted [How Good People Lose Bad Jobs] 04:06
08 Message From The West Coast To All Points East 05:02
09 Scourges And Proud 04:31
10 The Sound Of Your Name 03:47
11 Honeymoon In Kyoto [Because They Weren't In Love With Any Of You] 04:35
12 The Likes Of Us [Fuck You, You Don't Know Me Pt. 1]
Banjo – Alvina


Non State Actors are:
1. Any group, entity, force or individual that influences the world around them despite not being tied to any established state.
2. Any organization or person that uses illegal violence to get what they want.
3. Sleazy hip-hop without rhymes. The goth club meeting the sports riot. Poetry for parties and getting into trouble. A listen to a fuzzy radio station where some crazy person's rantings about all the madness around them and the latest nihilist top-40 dance jams blur into one another and sound damn good.
4. A collaboration between wordyeller Brando Chemtrails and beat-and-noise-maker 騒動(soudou)
5. Something new and fucking crazy in the 303.

Dance Music For The Condopocalypse is the result of a year's collaboration between Twitch/騒動 [] and road poet Brando Chemtrails []. Together we did our best to create a danceable soundtrack to the grinding lows and defiant glittery highs of wandering a world claimed by people you despise and (barely) living in fucked up fascist boomtowns such as Denver, and quite possibly where you live too. Recorded on/in dying computers, other people's phones, public bathrooms and storm drains but not to be cool or artsy, just out of desperation.